Youth Informatics Festival Opened Its Doors To Its Visitors

Opens Its Doors to Youth Informatics Festival Visitors
Youth Informatics Festival Opened Its Doors To Its Visitors

The “Youth Informatics Festival”, which will be held on May 16-18 with the participation of young people from all over Turkey, opened its doors to its visitors. In the festival, the country's leading IT projects are introduced, informatics competitions and events, and the future-oriented informatics vision is presented to the youth. kazanis aimed at.

Youth Informatics Festival was opened with the participation of Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, Presidential Defense Industry President İsmail Demir, Presidential Digital Transformation Office Head Ali Taha Koç and Turkish Informatics Association President Rahmi Aktepe. It was held in the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Health.


Minister Varank, in his speech here, stated that the Ministry of Industry and Technology is one of the ministries that have policies, projects and practices for young people, and emphasized that they are with them in every field from primary school to post-university studies. Stating that they provide support to young people through Experiap Technology Workshops trainings, TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB supports, scholarships, entrepreneurship supports and TEKNOFEST, Varank said, "We have a program for young people in all areas of life, we often come together with young people and try to inform them." he said.


Referring to the sky observation festivities, Varank said, “We used to organize the event where young people watched the stars, moon and planets for 3 nights with their families only in Antalya, this year we will organize it in different cities including Diyarbakır, Van and Erzurum. Together with the young people, we will watch space at night. In this sense, I would like to thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports for their contribution. I recommend you not to miss this year's events.” said.


Stating that entrepreneurship is one of the most important policy areas of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Varank said that they support traditional entrepreneurs and young people who want to do technology-based business. Varank stated that the Individual Young Entrepreneur Program will also be opened in the field of sports and invited young people to apply for the program.


Noting that entrepreneurship is one of the fields that produce added value, Varank said, “I visited a company in the game sector at Hacettepe Technokent 2 months ago. A young friend of ours founded his company, and he recently sold the game he developed in 9-3 months in the company he founded 3 years ago with 4 people. It has been only 4-5 years since our young friend graduated from school, the number of employees is only 9, but such a company was able to sell the game it developed to the USA for 200 million dollars.” he said.


Pointing out that this example shows how valuable entrepreneurship is, Varank said, “We can do great things when we turn from labor-intensive jobs to mind-intensive ones. In this sense, both our Ministry and the Ministry of Youth and Sports are at your disposal.” said.


Varank said that from time to time he was asked questions about the positions to be opened in the universities he visited, "Our youth should force us instead, 'give me a place in the technopark, let me make my own initiative, produce something' or 'support us from KOSGEB, I want to establish my own company' say. We want to see them. In this sense, very good things have been happening lately. Thanks to you, we will bring Turkey to a much better place with your technology-based works. In this sense, do not give credit to those who are constantly trying to pump pessimism, and those who try to make you despair.” said.


“We trust our young people, we know what they can achieve.” Varank said, “The average age of the young people, engineers and technicians who develop the unmanned aerial vehicles produced by Turkey, which is spoken by the whole world, is below 30. When you go to technoparks today, you can see very successful young people in their 20s. We are proud of the products newly developed by young people all over Turkey, and we are proud of the voices they bring to the world. In this sense, we have a lot of work to do. Regardless of those who pump negativity, we will hopefully make Turkey much more livable with the strength and effort of our youth.” used the phrases.


Minister of Youth and Sports, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, reminded that the Youth Informatics Festival was organized within the scope of Youth Week, and said, “Our festival will be held for 3 days under the ministry of youth, at Örnek Stadium and Altındağ Sports Hall with the participation of our people. We will bring together many events, competitions and projects in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and informatics with our young people. We will bring together the examples of good practices signed by our state with the participants who are interested in informatics.” said.


Explaining that they will bring together the young people with the highest level representatives of public informatics, Kasapoğlu said, “We will transfer experience. There will be a cyber security competition, there will be trainings in fields such as artificial intelligence, innovation, entrepreneurship, project implementation, there will be interesting stands, shows and concerts. We aim to organize a festival where our young people will be inspired, develop themselves and network in every aspect.” he said.

After the opening, Varank, Kasapoğlu and other speakers posed for a souvenir photo with the youth. Upon request, Minister Varank took selfies with the young people.

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