Who is Murat Kekilli? Where is Murat Kekili from and how old is he?

Murat Kekili
Murat Kekili

Who is Murat Kekili? You can read our news for Murat Kekilli and his biography. Successful rock singer Murat Kekili has been addressing a wide audience since the day he started his music career. “I Die Tonight”, one of the unforgettable works of the singer, is listened to with the excitement of the first day. In this direction, we shared the details in our news for the fans who are curious about Kekili's life. The life of the famous singer Murat Kekili is curious. In this article, we told you about Murat Kekili's life, how old he is, his songs and his life. Here are the details in this news…

Murat Kekili, April 18 1968 in the year AdanaHe was born in. Kekili, who received his primary, secondary and high school education in Adana, worked in the watermelon fields in Adana and Ceyhan during the holidays due to the poor financial situation of his family living in Adana's Kocavezir District. In addition, after meeting the director of the youth palace in Adana, he was fascinated by seeing the piano players as he went to see him. He started his music career with the piano. He enlisted in the military in 1989 and after returning from the military in 1991, he continued his career from where he left off.

Who is Murat Kekili?

Returning from the military, Kekili took the Adana State Conservatory exam in 1992-1993 after a few years and passed the exam. kazanis gone. After studying here for one year, he dropped out of school. After this adventure, Murat Kekili went to Istanbul in 1994 and started working with a group here. The name of this first group he worked with was the Cilicians.

In 1996, he worked with Yolcular and released the album "Eşek Gözlüm". Since it was thought that this album that he released could not achieve the desired success, he parted ways with Ferdifon Music Company. After that, he signed with Boğaziçi Music and released the album Bu Akşam Ölürüm in 1999. This album that he released created a huge explosion. After the explosion of the album, Reha Muhtar broadcast Kekili live and made critical statements to him.

Kekili released the album Yedialtı and released the album Avara in 2004. In 2008, he released the album Bir Ahir Zaman with Boğaziçi Music. After taking a break for a long time, he released the album Darp in My Heart in 2010, again with Boğaziçi Music. A single clip was shot for this album. His next album was released in 2013 under the name Gümüş Teller.

How old is Murat Kekili?

Born on April 18, 1968 in Adana, Murat Kekilli is 54 years old.

Murat Kekili Albums

  • 1996: Wow! My Donkey Eyes
  • 1999: I Die Tonight
  • 2002: Seven Six
  • 2004: Idler
  • 2006: An End Times
  • 2010: The Beat in My Heart
  • 2013: Silver Strings
  • singles
  • 2016: “A New Breath”
  • 2019: “Tuesday Tuesday” (with Serkan Yıldız)
  • TV series played
  • Dengi Dengine – Seyfi (2019)

Receives awards

  • 2000 Best Rock Vocal – 6th Kral TV Video Music Awards

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