Who is Dilan Çıtak Tatlıses? How old is Dilan Çıtak Tatlıses, daughter of İbrahim Tatlıses, and who is her mother?

Who is Dilan Çıtak Tatlıses? How old is Dilan Çıtak Tatlıses, daughter of İbrahim Tatlıses, and who is her mother?
Who is Dilan Çıtak Tatlıses? How old is Dilan Çıtak Tatlıses, daughter of İbrahim Tatlıses, and who is her mother?

Dilan Çıtak, the daughter of İbrahim Tatlıses, one of the leading names in Arabesque songs, also preferred the scenes just like her father. She studied music at an early age. She went to America for language and music education. So, who is Dilan Çıtak's mother? The answer to your questions is in this article..

Dilan Çıtak was born in 1989. After his education in the USA, he studied musicology in English at ITU in Turkey. Dilan Çıtak, who made a name for herself with her songs like her father, is the mother of Işıl Çıtak.

Who is Dilan Çıtak Tatlıses?

Çıtak was born on December 2, 1989. He became interested in music at a young age. In 2003, she studied at the Music Department of Pera Fine Arts High School. He continued his education, which he started as singing, with piano and violin lessons. He played the violin for 2 years and the piano for 4 years. He left the violin and continued to play the piano. He took part in musicals and choirs during school. He performed as a soloist in jazz orchestras. Pera studied acting for 2 years at the theater.

Dilan Çıtak, who went to the United States for language and music education in 2011, gave concerts on big stages with various teams made up of “Berklee College Of Music” students. She did vocal studies with an American vocal teacher who graduated from “The Julliard School”. Then she returned to Turkey and continued her education at the Department of English musicology at ITU.

Who is Isil Citak?

The claim of Dilan Çıtak's mother, Işıl Çıtak, was first reported in the press in 1988. Çıtak's claim, who worked as a director's assistant in the shooting of Tatlıses' movie "Black Dungeon" and filed a paternity lawsuit against the famous Turkish singer on February 8, 1990, was reflected in the newspapers with the words "I don't want anything material, just accept paternity". Çıtak told the press that she and Tatlıses were together in a hotel in Ankara in March 1988 and became pregnant, and cited the singer Emrah as a witness.

Dilan Citak Tatlises Mother
Dilan Citak Tatlises Mother

Who is İbrahim Tatlıses?

İbrahim Tatlıses was born on January 1, 1952 in Şanlıurfa. His real surname is Tatlı. Her father's name is Ahmet and her mother's name is Leyla. His father is a tradesman in Urfa. İbrahim Tatlıses was one of the 7 children of Ahmet and Leyla couple. Tatlıses' father is of Arab origin and his mother is of Kurdish origin.

At the 2005 Erbil concert, Tatlıses greeted the audience by saying, “My father is Turkish, my mother is Kurdish, I am Turkish son, I bring you greetings from Turkey”. İbrahim Tatlıses is known as an arabesque artist, but he is also a singer, producer, actor, director and program presenter, as well as a businessman. He was discovered by a filmmaker from Adana while he was singing in construction. He first came to Adana and later to Ankara, where he took the stage in casinos and pavilions.

He became famous with the "Kundura on his feet" he sang at the Kınalı Pavilion in Ankara in 1974, and first appeared on Ankara Radio and then on television on New Year's Eve. It is a name that has made a name for itself in the food industry, including Çiğköfte and lahmacun. Tatlıses is known in Turkey as well as in Greece and the Middle East. Another nickname of İbrahim Tatlıses is "Emperor".

While İbrahim Tatlıses frequently mentions that he had a difficult childhood, he gives the following remarkable example: “I was a child. 20 cents more kazanI was selling water at the cinemas shouting 'Come on, ice cold water' One day, a man sitting on an armchair suddenly got up. He slapped me 4 times, saying, "Shut up donkey, are we going to listen to you?" And those slaps I ate brought me this far.”

Ibrahim Tatlises kazanBesides fame and money, many enemies kazanis gone. For this reason, on March 14, 2011, he was attacked by an armed gang and died.

How Many Times Has İbrahim Tatlıses Married and Who Are His Children?

İbrahim Tatlıses married his first marriage before he became famous. Justice Stall did with. Two girls and 3 children from this marriage. Ahmet Tatlı, the eldest of these children, is one of the names known to the public.

His second marriage was in 1979. Perihan Savas did with. From this marriage, a daughter named Melek Zübeyde was born.

his third marriage Derya Tuna with it in 1983. From this marriage, a child named Ido was born. He is the son of Ido Derya Tuna, who is now well-known to the public.

İbrahim Tatlıses, after Derya Tuna Asena married with He lived with Asena for a long time.

İbrahim Tatlıses after Derya Tuna Aysegul Yildiz He married in 2011. A daughter named Elif Ada was born from this marriage.

Ibrahim Tatlises Isil Citak He also has an illegitimate child from a woman named. Her name is Dilan Çıtak. Dilan Çıtak appeared in 2013 and said that he is the father of İbrahim Tatlıses. After DNA tests, it was certain that the girl was his.

Ibrahim Tatlises was last seen in 2021. Gulcin Karakaya married with This marriage is not an official marriage, but an imam marriage.

The children of İbrahim Tatlıses are:

  • His children from his first marriage, namely Adalet Durak: Ahmet Tatlı, Gülden Tatlı, Gülşen Tatlı
  • His second marriage, namely his children from Perihan Savaş: Zübeyde Melek Akkaş
  • Third marriage: with Derya Tuna. Ido Tatlıses was born from this marriage.
  • Fourth marriage: Elif Ada from Ayşegül Yıldız
  • Out of wedlock: She has a daughter named Dilan Çıtak with Işıl Çıtak.

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