Who Is Musa Askan Yamak Who Lost His Life In The Ring, Where Is He Originally From?

Who Is Musa Askan Yamak Who Lost His Life In The Ring Where Originally From
Who is Musa Askan Yamak, Who Lost His Life in the Ring, Originally From Where?

The boxing community was shaken by the death of young boxer Musa Askan Yamak. Who is Musa Askan Yamak? Why did Musa Askan Yamak die?

Young boxer Musa Askan Yamak, who had never been defeated by his opponents in 75 professional competitions, passed away. The death of the young boxer shocked the sports community.

Who is Musa Askan Yamak?

Boxer Musa Askan Yamak living in Germany is originally from the Alucra district of Giresun. Musa Askan Yamak was born in 1986. Musa Askan Yamak started his boxing career at the age of 12.

Musa Askan Yamak is the European-Asian champion in heavyweight boxing as the owner of the WBF and GBU belts. Musa Askan Yamak was undefeated in 75 professional matches.

Why Did Musa Askan Yamak Die?

He was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack during the break in the third round of the +84 kg boxing match in Munich, Germany.

Musa Askan Yamak, who did not respond to the interventions in the hospital after a heart attack in the ring, died at the age of 36.

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