Who is Cenk Eren? How old is Cenk Eren and where is he from?

Who is Cenk Eren? How old is Cenk Eren and where is he from?
Who is Cenk Eren? How old is Cenk Eren and where is he from?

The life of the famous singer Cenk Eren came to the fore. So, who is Cenk Eren? How old is Cenk Eren, where is he from? Here are our answers to your questions…

Cenk Eren, real name High Venice February 3 1966 He is a Turkish singer born in Ankara.
Cenk Eren was born in 1966. 55 years old and Ankarais from. Cenk Eren was interested in dance at a very young age and therefore after high school he danced in the Ministry of Culture State Folk Dance Ensemble for a year. Murathan Mungan named himself 'Cenk Eren' in order to be a more memorable name for his stage life in those years. He started his music career in Ankara and started performing in nightclubs. In 1985, he joined the Polyphonic Youth Choir at Ankara Radio, where he started to work as a choirist. He resigned from here, wanting to give heavy weight to his stage work. Between 1986-1988, he started his military service in İzmir Narlıdere at the Engineering School and finished his duty in Alanya. After living in Alanya for three years, he moved to Istanbul in 1993 and started working on an album.

His first album 'Ve Cenk Eren' was released in 1995. With this album, he started to take the stage in many nightclubs in Istanbul. In 2000, he presented a TV program called "Star Wars" on Star TV. In 2003, he released his third solo album, 'Kader Çıkmazı', from Marşandiz Music. In 2004, he made an album called 'Muhteşem İkili' with Nükhet Duru on Show TV. In 2006, he released his fourth solo album "Kiraz Season", and he interpreted three Sezen Aksu songs in this song. Levent Yüksel was the vocal coach of the album. Returning to music in 2012, he released a single called "Take My Cassette". The single consists of 5 songs in total. In 2013, he was taken into custody in an operation carried out by the Istanbul Narcotic Crimes Branch Directorate. A lawsuit was filed against him for drug dealing. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison on May 18, 16, at the end of the court, which lasted 2018 years. In the court claiming that the seized substances were cocaine, the sentence was increased and the sentence was increased to 6 years and 7 months. However, Cemal Hünal and Cenk Eren were released later. In 6, he released a single called 'Less Zehir Less Da Bal'. In the same year, it was claimed that Cenk Eren was close to the then ruling AK Party, but Eren stated in an interview that he was not from the AKP, nor from the CHP, and that he did not hesitate to say good or bad about any party. In 2014, an album called 'Repertoire - Ferdi Özbegen Songs' was released. The album was released on December 2016, 8. The first clip of the album was shot for the song 'O Günler'. The second clip of the album was shot for the song 'We Had a Song' with the fan results. After taking a break for two years, he released a single called 'Göçtük Sevdadan'. In 2016, the 'Repertuvar' project album series continued with the album ”Selda Bağcan Şarkıları”.

Cenk Eren Albums

  • 1995 – And Cenk Eren
  • 2000 – Your eyes
  • 2003 – Dead End
  • 2004 – The Magnificent Duo (with Nükhet Duru)
  • 2006 – Cherry Season
  • 2009 – My Turning Point
  • 2015 – Repertory: Tanju Okan Songs
  • 2016 – Repertoire: Ferdi Özbegen Songs
  • 2019 – Repertory: Songs of Selda Bağcan
  • 2021 – Repertory: Barış Manço Songs

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