What is Student Amnesty, When Will It Be Released and Who Does It Cover?

What is the Student Amnesty, when will it be released and who does it cover?
What is Student Amnesty, When Will It Be Released, and Who Does It Cover?

While waiting for a new statement from YÖK, which started the studies on student amnesty; 'What is student amnesty, what are the conditions of student amnesty? When will the student amnesty be issued, is the date known? who will be covered by the student amnesty, who can benefit from the student amnesty, what are the conditions?' The answers to the questions are among the curious ones.

What is Student Amnesty?

Students who leave the university for various reasons can return to school with the student amnesty. New studies on the application, which was first implemented in 2018, continue.

Who Covers Student Amnesty?

Within the scope of the student amnesty in 2018, "those who were convicted of terrorist crimes, and those who were dismissed due to their membership, affiliation, affiliation or affiliation with terrorist organizations or structures, formations or groups determined by the National Security Council to be operating against the national security of the State" could not benefit from this amnesty.

It is expected that the same conditions will apply to the student amnesty arranged this year. After the explanations made after the conditions are clear, the details will be included in our news.

When Will 2022 Student Amnesty Be Released?

AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Muhammet Emin Akbaşoğlu continued his statement, "We have started the student amnesty for undergraduate and graduate students" with the following words:

“We started an amnesty for university students. It also includes undergraduate and doctoral students. It will turn into an offer before July.”

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