What is a wedding officer, what does he do, how to be? Marriage Officer Salaries 2022

What is a Wedding Clerk, What Does He Do, How to Become
What is a Wedding Clerk, What Does He Do, How to Become a Wedding Clerk Salary 2022

Marriage Officers are the personnel who attend weddings and weddings, ensure that people get married officially, approve the marriage process and record this process in the state records. The Marriage Officer performs a very valuable task as it helps the formation of the family, which is the most important unit of the state.

What Does a Wedding Clerk Do, What Are Their Duties?

What is a Marriage Officer? Marriage Officer Salaries 2022 We can list the professional duties of wedding officers as follows;

  • Officers receive applications from people who want to get married.
  • Prepares the marriage file and ensures that they are coordinated.
  • It examines the registers of people who want to get married.
  • It checks whether people interfere with their marriage.
  • Prepares the wedding cards.
  • They notify the district or provincial population directorates of the marriage contract.
  • He performs marriages by proxy to the mayor on the specified date, day, hour.
  • Keeps and preserves the records of the marriages they have performed.
  • Fulfills the assigned duties in accordance with the principles determined by the Civil Code.

How to Become a Wedding Clerk?

wedding officer How to be?

 We can list the conditions of being a marriage officer as follows;

  1. In order to become a marriage officer, it is necessary to work within the municipality.
  2. Persons must be appointed by the municipality.
  3. The mayor must authorize it.
  4. There is no experience requirement.
  5. He should be a person who pays attention to his clothes and knows how to sit and stand.
  6. He should have a moral, decent personality that will not spoil the holy atmosphere of weddings.

In addition, people who want to be a Marriage Officer must have certain qualifications;

  1. It is compulsory to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  2. Persons who want to be a wedding officer must be over the age of 18.
  3. Must have at least 2 years of vocational school or associate degree. Those who do not have an associate degree are not allowed to be a wedding officer.
  4. It is necessary to take the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) organized for the recruitment of civil servants and to get at least 80 points.
  5. As a result of archive scanning, there should be no obstacles preventing being a civil servant.
  6. Prior to appointments, individuals are required to undergo an oral interview.
  7. Family and archive scans are made about people who apply for marriage officers.
  8. Authorization from the mayor is required.

Marriage Officer Salaries 2022

With the increase made in 2022, the salaries of the Wedding Officers were determined as 6.800 TL.

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