What are the Duties and Responsibilities of Administrative Lawyers?

Administrative Lawyers
Administrative Lawyers

Administrative law is a branch of law regulated in the public interest. Lawyers working in this field that regulates relations between the Public Administration and individuals and communities Ankara administrative lawyer known as. Administrative lawyers are involved in cases that are subject to administrative law, the basis of which is determined in the constitution.

Administrative law is a very broad and detailed branch of law. In the field of administrative law, lawsuits can be filed for numerous reasons. However, some of the most frequently filed administrative law cases are as follows;

  • expropriation cases,
  • officer lawsuits,
  • disciplinary cases,
  • Appointment and assignment cases,
  • The penalty of dismissal
  • Disputes in state procurement law,
  • dismissal cases,
  • malpractice lawsuits,
  • Full remedy cases arising from health legislation,
  • Security investigation cases,
  • Cases related to zoning plan regulations,
  • These are the cases arising from the Public Procurement legislation.

Best Ankara Administrative Lawyer

Ankara administrative litigation lawyer He works for administrative law and judicial process. The best Ankara administrative litigation lawyers are those who have all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in administrative and administrative law. In cases subject to administrative law, the lawyers, who follow the case closely from the beginning to the end of the case, take all the steps in favor of their clients in a timely and duly manner.

Ankara administrative litigation lawyers are involved in the legal resolution of disputes in administrative cases filed by the public against individuals or companies.

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