The World's Water Parks Are Going From Turkey

The World's Water Parks Are Going From Turkey
The World's Water Parks Are Going From Turkey

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited Polin Group, the “world leader” in water parks. Noting that the company is 'the best' in the world in its field, Minister Varank said, "Our company is doing serious business abroad, especially with the support of Turquality." said.

Minister Varank visited Polin Waterparks, which is the world leader in the design, engineering, production and installation of water parks operating in GEBKİM OSB in Dilovası. Varank, who received information about the work of the company, examined the products developed here on site.

Minister Varank, who examined the composite materials from which the water parks are produced and the assembly units on the production line, was accompanied by Dilovası District Governor Metin Kubilay, Polin Group Chairman of the Board Barış Pakiş, Group CEO Başar Pakiş and company officials.

Making statements after his visit, Varank said that although Polin Group is a company that started its business life in composite manufacturing, it later started to build water parks, slides and aquariums in the entertainment sector.


Stating that the company operates its own parks as well as constructing turnkey water parks, Varank said, “The demand for the entertainment industry is increasing day by day in the world. Different amusement parks are being built around the world, from theme parks to roller coasters, in different areas, including digital technologies. Water parks are one of the most important of them. With the developments in composite technology, it is now possible to produce and design water parks in a very different way.” said.


Varank said, “Polin Group's design, production, installation and operation of these type of parks in more than 110 countries all over the world with its own R&D and design centers is an important effort in terms of value-added production.” he said.


Noting that there is a great demand for water parks in the entertainment world, Varank said, "Both the size of this market and the fact that a company from Turkey has a place in the market with such a strong brand is very valuable for us." he said.


Emphasizing that as the Ministry, they attach great importance to value-added production and provide support from R&D, Varank said that Polin Group also has an R&D center supported by our Ministry, and their applications for the design center are also being evaluated.


“I hope that our own engineers, technicians and designers design these works from the very beginning, produce them and export them to the world, I hope, will set an example for other players in the industry.” said Varank, “Polin Group is the world's number one in the field of water parks. With the support of Turkey, especially with the support of Turquality, it does serious business abroad. I am glad to have visited this place and seen a facility with high standards. In the coming period, we will continue to support our companies in the entertainment industry, as in all value-added areas.” used the phrases.


After Polin Group was established in Istanbul for the production of construction materials from fiberglass composite, it started to develop water slides by turning to the tourism sector in the 80s. The company, which has realized more than 112 projects with its own brands in 3 countries, has the world's largest water park production facility of 500 thousand square meters in Kocaeli Dilovası. The company, which has over 35 employees from 75 different nationalities, also operates the turnkey water parks.

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