World's First Flying Skyscraper to Be Built in USA

World's First Flying Skyscraper To Be Built In The USA
World's First Flying Skyscraper to Be Built in USA

A US-based architecture firm has started work to build the "world's first flying skyscraper". With the development of technology, we see many different skyscraper designs today. The US-based architecture firm Clouds Architecture Office is working on a project that will raise the bar in skyscraper construction to the highest level.

It is aimed that the skyscrapers designed by the initiative called Clouds Architecture will be connected and suspended in an asteroid 50 thousand kilometers above the Earth's surface.

Flying Skyscraper

It will be the tallest building ever

This means that the innovative skyscraper will also be the tallest building ever. The skyscraper, which is quite ambitious and called Analemma Tower, will include luxury apartments, offices, gardens and shops. On the other hand, because this skyscraper is attached to an asteroid, it will circumnavigate the Earth every day.

People will need to use private helicopters to reach the building that will take a break in the world's leading cities such as New York and Dubai.

Although the architecture firm first started working on this futuristic design in 2018, the technologies required for construction have not yet been implemented.

To construct the building, scientists first need to capture celestial bodies near Earth and place them in a predetermined orbit.

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