The Star of the Region Shine With Hoynat Island

The Star of the Region Shine With Hoynat Island
The Star of the Region Shine With Hoynat Island

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler has turned Hoynat Island, where garbage was dumped by trucks in the past, into the shining star of the region with the project consisting of two stages.

Hoynat Island in the 'calm city' town of Ordu, which is one of the rare areas where crested cormorants nest in Turkey and where double silver gulls live, has turned into a tourism center visited by hundreds of people every day after the work done.

VISITORS Flocked to

Increasing the attractiveness of the island by carrying out work on the part of Hoynat Island up to Çaka Tunnel, the Metropolitan Municipality has completed the 300nd Stage works covering the 2-meter area after the exit of the tunnel and started its activities in Ordu tourism. kazannagged.

With the landscaping works carried out, Hoynat Island has become an attraction center that welcomes hundreds of people every day as the new route for those visiting the Black Sea.


As part of the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, the cruise has been made more enjoyable with the changes made across the island. In order to make the beach area accessible and increase its use, a descent to sea level was achieved with wooden steps, and guardrails were manufactured for security in the idle viewing area. In the works where a parking area was created for visitors, granite and basalt were laid on the floor of the viewing area, where seating groups were placed, while viewing binoculars, a photo-taking area and a buffet were placed on the terrace areas for bird watching.

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