Solving 3600 Additional Indicator Issues To Be Completed This Month

Resolution of Additional Indicator Issue Will Be Completed This Month
Solving 3600 Additional Indicator Issues To Be Completed This Month

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, attended the “The Future of Food is in Our Hands Summit” organized by the Turkish Food and Sugar Industry Workers' Union (Şeker-İş).

Making a speech here, Minister Bilgin underlined that the contribution of the laborers in Turkey's production power is very important, and said: In Germany, producer prices and inflation reached 30 percent last month, and Germany is one of the largest industrial countries in the world. The United States is experiencing unprecedented inflation. We should never ignore the impact of our energy costs on inflation. These have repercussions for Turkey, so what shall we do? We will protect our employees and workers against them. I would like to state that we are preparing the regulations that will provide not only the inflation difference, but also the more comprehensive protection of the workers against the destruction of inflation they face in July," he said.

“We Will Complete the Resolution of 3600 Additional Indicator Issues This Month”

Pointing out that they have preparations for not only public employees and workers but also retirees, Bilgin said, “We will have completed the solution of the 3600 Additional Indicator issue by the end of this month. Contracted personnel, EYT issues are all in front of us as a file. We open the files step by step and share them with the public when we reach a solution. Our workers, employees, workers and retirees should not worry, our duty is to protect them against inflation and its destruction. We have to think about the future of our labor, our retirees and our people. This is my duty as the Minister of Labor and Social Security," he said.

“We Need A New Production Order That Will Bring Our Tradition Together With Modern Opportunities”

Emphasizing the importance of unions and labor organizations not only defending the rights and laws of labor, but also protecting the country's land, water and air, he said, “We give importance to the following in the labor struggle; Turkey cannot stand without homeland, labor and democracy. Democracy, the will of the Turkish people in the administration, the country is our everything, and the land, water, air and labor on which we live is a value that turns all these processes into production. Therefore, we will shape our future on this axis; homeland, democracy, labor, we will defend their unity everywhere and under all conditions. Humanity is under a great threat, the consequences of this threat are just emerging. Capitalism has wreaked havoc since its emergence. It has destroyed man's relationship with nature, and we all see how this destruction has made the world uninhabitable. The last epidemic we have experienced is the result of the deterioration of the balance of man's relationship with nature. We cannot survive when the balance of our relationship with soil, water and air is destroyed. Capitalism has brutally destroyed them. We need a new consciousness to eliminate the destructive effects of capitalism. If we cannot develop this awareness and reveal the new style, we will be dehydrated on the land we live in. We have to evolve into a completely new understanding, the relationship between environment-human-nature, tomorrow will be too late. What we need to focus on is reproducing food in a healthy way. We need a new production order that will bring our own tradition together with our land with modern possibilities. We will protect our land, our food, we will protect nature,” he said.

Former Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs and AK Party Afyon Deputy Veysel Eroğlu, Türk-İş Chairman Ergün Atalay, Şeker-İş Union Chairman İsa Gök also attended the summit.

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