Official Delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Visited Akkuyu NPP Site

Official Delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Visited Akkuyu NPP Site
Official Delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Visited Akkuyu NPP Site

The construction site of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS), Turkey's first nuclear power plant, was built by Samruk-Kazina A.Ş., led by the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bolat Akçulakov. The delegation, including Chairman of the Board of Directors Almasadam Satkaliyev and business world representatives, was visited. Foreign guests were informed about the progress of Akkuyu NPP construction, and the main facilities being actively constructed were shown.

Rosatom First Deputy General Manager and International Business Development Director Kirill Komarov and AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. Opening speeches were made by the General Manager Anastasia Zoteeva to the members of the Kazakhstan delegation. The guests visited the Eastern Sea Cargo Terminal, which is the main transportation hub of the project, after passing the mandatory occupational safety training for site visitors. The delegation, which also examined the pumping station construction area of ​​the unit No. 1, also went up to the highest point of the site to see the general view of the power units being built.

After the tour, information was exchanged on the nuclear power plant construction process. AKKUYU NUCLEAR INC. While General Manager Anastasia Zoteeva gave the guests details about the implementation of the project in Turkey, Vadim Titov, President of Rosatom - International Network Private Corporation, shared her experiences on communication activities of the power plant construction. The visit to the nuclear power plant site ended with a question and answer session.

Akkuyu NPP, Turkey's first nuclear power plant, will consist of four power units with VVER-1200 3+ generation reactors equipped with advanced safety systems, and the total installed power of the NPP will be 4.800 MW. It will be possible to extend the service life of each unit, which is planned to be 60 years, for another 20 years, with the approval of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority after the safety assessment. After the commissioning of all 4 power units, Akkuyu NPP will produce approximately 35 billion kWh of electricity per year.

The supply of materials and equipment for the nuclear power plant under construction is the result of large-scale international cooperation. Most of the long-running equipment for Akkuyu NPP's 4 power units, including reactor pressure vessels, steam generators, main circulation pumps, is manufactured at Russian manufacturing facilities, which are part of Rosatom's machine building division. Depending on the availability of the required certificates from Turkish manufacturers, equipment such as ventilation and heat exchange equipment, pumps and pressure vessels are procured.

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