The Machines of the World will be Produced in Sivas

The World's Machines Will Be Produced in Sivas
The Machines of the World will be Produced in Sivas

The foundation of the factory to be established by Tezmaksan, the leader of Turkey in the machine tools industry and the second largest company in Europe, in Sivas with an investment of 15 million Euros, was laid on May 10, 2022. In the factory, which is planned to be built with an environmentally friendly sustainable architecture in Sivas Nuri Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone, employment is aimed at 70 people at the first stage. With the new factory where CNC machine tools will be produced with robotic automation systems, the company aims to increase its production capacity by 10 times and export 10 million Euros in the first place.

Tezmaksan, which has been the solution partner of the Turkish industry for more than 40 years, has added a new one to its investments. The foundation of Tezmaksan factory, where CNC machine production will be made with robotic automation, was laid yesterday in Sivas Nuri Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone.

Making the opening speech at the ceremony held with the participation of Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan, Sivas Deputy Mayor Turan Topgül, Sivas Chamber of Industry and Commerce President Mustafa Eken and many guests, Tezmaksan Chairman of the Board Mustafa Aydoğdu said, “Tezmaksan, which we established 40 years ago, is today in Turkey. I am very proud on behalf of myself, my family and my colleagues that it is the first and the second largest company in Europe. We set out from Sivas and came to Sivas again to invest 40 years later. And when his strength was added, our dream came to an end,” he said.

Goal “Strong Sivas, Strong Turkey”

After Aydoğdu, Sivas Governor Salih Ayhanda Nuri Demirağ stated that the Organized Industrial Zone is an investment and production base that determines the future of Sivas, and that the factory foundations, which were laid with the intense demand from investors, are the most obvious indicators of this. “Today, we are laying the foundation of the factory of our company Tezmaksan, which is the leader in its field in Turkey. Tezmaksan, which produces the basic machinery and workbenches of production, especially robotic technology, will be a factory that establishes a factory, as it were. I would also like to congratulate our business people who took the responsibility with the goal of a country with an increasing welfare level. With our motto 'Strong Sivas, Strong Turkey', we will continue to be a city that creates added value for our country in the field of industry as well as in every sector.”

CNC models that are not made in Turkey will also be produced in the new factory.

Hakan Aydoğdu, General Manager of Tezmaksan, shared the details about the factory investment at the ceremony and made the following statements: “As an institution that has been serving the machining industry for more than 40 years, we had a debt to our hometown Sivas and we had to set an example for everyone. 'Why not Sivas for our new factory?' we said. We started to talk about this four years ago, and today we took a very important step for our factory. In the short term, we plan to increase the CNC Machine production capacity by 10 times with robotic automation systems, as well as to expand our export potential and open up to new market places. With an investment of 15 million Euros and a factory construction cost of 30 million TL, the construction of our factory, of which we have explained the foundation, was completed in Sivas Nuri Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone. We will build on acres of land. In our factory in Sivas, where we will move a part of our Tezmaksan Production Facility in Istanbul, the production of CNC models that are not made in Turkey, R&D studies and other processes will also be included in our planning. In addition, we will carry out the production process with zero human intervention with the dark factory feature. We aim to employ 53 people at the beginning when our factory opens. Our long-term goal is to increase this number to 70. We aim to provide 150 million Euros of export income to Sivas in the first place.”

It will be built with an environmentally friendly sustainable architecture.

Stating that Tezmaksan acts with an understanding that preserves the ecological balance in all business processes and that they will continue this in the new factory investment, Aydoğdu said, “We live in a world where resources are limited and the population is increasing day by day. Therefore, we have to carry out production and consumption accordingly. As Tezmaksan, we will create a completely nature-friendly factory thanks to our awareness of this and our perspective on biodiversity. Industrial production facilities have a great impact on the sustainability and biodiversity of the world. We will take steps to minimize this impact, take steps to reduce environmental risks in order to protect ecosystems and species, and build our factory in a way that maximizes the use of renewable energy sources. In addition, solar energy panels and a sustainable plant in line with the carbon emission targets we have determined within the framework of the global sustainability roadmap. We will build with architecture,” he said.

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