Length of High-Speed ​​Railways in China Reached 40 Thousand Kilometers

Length of High-Speed ​​Railways in China Reached Thousand Kilometers
Length of High-Speed ​​Railways in China Reached 40 Thousand Kilometers

China's Ministry of Transport released a report today, providing information on the country's extensive transport network. Accordingly, by the end of 2021, the length of high-speed rail in China reached 40 thousand kilometers, making up a quarter of the total rail length.

According to the information given in the Statistics Report on the Development of the Transport Sector in 2021, the construction of the country's transport infrastructure facilities has been steadily progressed, and the three-dimensional transport network has been improved.

Fixed capital investment in transportation in 2021 reached 3,6 trillion yuan, an increase of 2020 percent compared to 5,6. A significant part of this was devoted to railway construction. With great investment, the area covered by efficient transportation infrastructure facilities has expanded further.

In 2021, the length of highways in China increased by 8 thousand 90 kilometers and reached 169 thousand kilometers. The number of berths with a carrying capacity of more than 10 thousand tons reached 2 thousand 659. The number of airports and cities with regular flights reached 248 and 244, respectively.

In rural areas of China, the length of the highway increased by 84 thousand kilometers and reached 4 million 446 thousand kilometers. In particular, the road network in the western part of China has been optimized. The highway length made up 41,3 percent of the country's total.

According to the report, the service level of China's logistics industry was further upgraded last year. The amount of transported cargo increased by 52,16 percent with 12,3 billion tons, the courier shipments realized increased by 108,3 percent with 29,9 billion units. The number of freight train services to Europe reached 15. The number of freight flights by air exceeded 183 thousand and there was an increase of 200 percent. The figures point to a recovery in passenger transport by rail and air in 22.

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