China's Higher Education Population Reaches 240 Million

Jinn's Higher Education Population Reaches Millions
China's Higher Education Population Reaches 240 Million

The Ministry of Education of China announced that the number of people studying in higher education institutions in China has reached 240 million, and the gross enrollment rate in higher education is 57,8 percent.

At a press conference today, the Chinese Ministry of Education introduced the achievements of higher education reform since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

According to the data obtained, China has established the largest higher education system in the world. With more than 44,3 million students currently enrolled in China, the gross enrollment rate in tertiary education rose to 2021 percent in 57,8. Thus, China's higher education situation entered a stage of universalization accepted by the world.

With the population of higher education in China reaching 240 million, the average education time of the newly added workforce reached 13,8 years, the quality structure of the workforce has changed significantly, and China's education quality has risen steadily.

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