Excitement Continues at the International Sivas Robot Competition

International Sivas Robot Competition Excitement Continues
Excitement Continues at the International Sivas Robot Competition

The excitement started at the International Sivas Robot Competition (Si-Ro58), organized by the Directorate of National Education under the auspices of the Sivas Governor's Office and sponsored by Buruciye AS. The start of the competitions, which will be held in 4 main categories and 12 sub-categories, was given with the opening program held today.

Deputy Governor Adil Nas, Sivas Deputy Semiha Ekinci, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, Deputy Governor Şakir Öner Öztürk, Provincial General Assembly President Hakan Akkaş, provincial protocol and guests attended the opening program held in the 4 September Sports Valley.

“We Must Raise Generations That Will Compete With The World, With Sense, Intellect, Heart”

Si-Ro promotional video was shown in the program, which started with a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem. After the video screening, Provincial Director of National Education Ergüven Aslan stated that the world is experiencing a rapid change and development process in the field of information and technology, and emphasized that generations with sufficient knowledge and equipment should be raised in accordance with the requirements of the age.
Aslan said:

“Digital age and information age are two important factors that determine the 21st century. The 21st century is the age of speed. Information is now updated rapidly and continuously, reshaping every aspect of our lives with technological developments. In the globalizing world, we should raise sane, intellectual and heartfelt generations that will harmonize and compete with their peers in the world, without forgetting our own culture and values, by putting universal values ​​at the center.”

Making a short greeting after Aslan, Sivas Science and Technology University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kul said, “This competition is very important in terms of showing our young people their project ideas and talents.” said.

Speaking later, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin wished success to all students who participated in the competition. Bilgin said, “In Nuri Demirağ's hometown, Nuri Demirağ's children are taking an important step for the technology of the future with an organization befitting Nuri Demirağ. We will reach our 2023, 2053 and 2071 targets with the efforts of our young people who are confident and believe in their country.”

Speaking after Bilgin, Sivas Deputy Semiha Ekinci said, “We believe that TEKNOFEST youth will be successful in achieving our country's 2023, 2053 and 2071 targets. First of all, they dreamed, thought and now they are making their applications. Nuri Demirağ thought and implemented this in the 1930s, but he did not have the chance to continue it”.

“We Should Develop Our Children's Sense of Curiosity”

Acting Governor Adil Nas, on the other hand, emphasized that technological developments are of great importance in the development and development of countries. Stating that the most important factors determining technological development are human and resource factors, Nas said, “We need to give great value to the human factor. At this point, we should develop our children's sense of curiosity. Such competitions are activities that develop our children's sense of curiosity and skills. said.

Deputy Governor Nas thanked everyone who contributed and contributed to the organization of the competition.

After the speeches, a performance was presented by the folk dance team of Alparslan Secondary School, which is the provincial winner in folk dances. Afterwards, a model airplane show was performed by Hacı Mehmet Sabancı Anatolian High School students and teachers, and an FPV Drone Show by Sivas Information Technologies Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Student Kadir Kuşkonmaz. Then, Fixed Wing Drone Show was performed by Turkey's fastest drone user, Mete Orhan.

After the demonstrations, the International Sivas Robot Competition was attended by Deputy Governor Adil Nas, Sivas Deputy Semiha Ekinci, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, Deputy Governor Şakir Öner Öztürk, Provincial Assembly President Hakan Akkaş, Provincial National Education Director Ergüven Aslan, provincial protocol and the participation of students. The opening ribbon of the Contest has been cut.

A total of 67 people from 2 cities participated in the competition, 1 from our country, 70 from Azerbaijan and 2.911 from Poland. Nuri Demirağ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition will also be held in the competition held in 4 categories.

The winners of the competition to be held on 24-26 May will be presented their awards with the program to be held in the garden of Atatürk and Congress Museum on 27 May.

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