GÖKDENİZ Close Air Defense System Hits High Speed ​​Target!

GOKDENIZ Close Air Defense System Hits High Speed ​​Target
GÖKDENİZ Close Air Defense System Hits High Speed ​​Target!

GÖKDENİZ Near Air Defense System, developed by ASELSAN to meet the close/point air defense system (CIWS) needs of the Naval Forces Command within the scope of the project carried out by the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), has proven its capabilities with the tests carried out on the ship. In the last step of the tests, the high-speed attack target approaching over the sea was successfully destroyed by GÖKDENİZ.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir announced on his social media accounts with the following statements:

“A holiday gift from our defense industry! #GÖKDENİZ Close Air Defense System, developed for our navy, successfully destroyed the high-speed target in its last fire test on the ship. GÖKDENİZ will be ready for duty on the ISTANBUL frigate this year.”

The GÖKDENİZ system is being tested by integrating it into the TCG Sokullu Mehmet Paşa A-577 ship, which has been serving as a training ship for the Turkish Naval Forces for a long time. TCG Sokullu Mehmet Pasha crossed the Bosphorus in February and crossed into the Black Sea.

GÖKDENİZ is a critically important close air defense system as the last layer in the defense of ship platforms against air threats. These systems, which are defined as "Close-In Weapon System (CIWS)" in English in the world, enable ships to be defended against a wide range of threats such as unmanned aerial vehicles, airplanes and helicopters, especially anti-ship missiles.

In addition, the British Jet Banshee target aircraft, which was also included in the HİSAR-O+ test carried out last year, was used in the test. Jet Banshee, which has different models, can reach a speed of 720 km / h and can stay in the air for > 45 minutes. The aircraft, which can reach an altitude of 30 feet, has a range of 100 km. The twin-engine Jet Banshee 80+ version of the target aircraft, which has single-engine and twin-engine options, was used. Jet Banshee simulates 80+ high cruising speed targets, and has also been used in the tests of the Gökdeniz air defense system in the past.


In the GÖKDENİZ system, in addition to the 35 mm gun, search radar, tracking radar and E/O sensors are located on the same platform. In this way, the system can perform all the functions of target detection, threat prioritization, automatic tracking and destruction of the engaged threat.

The system, in which a 35 mm double gun produced by MKE is used, has a firing rate of 1100 rounds per minute. Thanks to the use of Particulate Ammunition, called ATOM, which is a joint production of ASELSAN and MKE, high efficiency can be achieved against current air threats.

Another important capability of GÖKDENİZ is the Automatic Stripless Ammunition Feeding Mechanism. Thanks to this mechanism, two or more types of ammunition can be loaded into the system at the same time, and the desired type of ammunition can be selected and used by the operator. The GÖKDENİZ system, which can be used against surface and land targets as well as air threats, can successfully fulfill its tasks for different purposes thanks to this mechanism.

All of the basic sub-components such as 35 mm guns, ammunition, radars, E/O sensors, motion control systems, mission computers used in GÖKDENİZ were developed and produced domestically by the Turkish defense industry.

Few countries in the world have the ability to develop and produce their own close air defense system. For this reason, not only the Turkish Armed Forces, but also the sailors of other friendly and allied countries show great interest in GÖKDENİZ.

Source: defenceturk

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