Signatures for the Chemical Technology Center

Signatures Have Been Made for the Chemistry Technology Center
Signatures for the Chemical Technology Center

A critical move has come in the field of chemistry, which is one of the leading sectors of Turkey's exports. Signatures were signed for the Chemical Technology Center (KTM), which will meet the test and analysis needs of the industry with domestic and national resources and create a new generation ecosystem. The Technology and Innovation Base will become operational in Informatics Valley and will be the first in Turkey, KTM will be an R&D center that also offers training and consultancy services.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that KTM will carry out 209 tests needed by the industry with domestic and national facilities, in accordance with international standards, and said, “Innovative start-ups that will develop chemical technologies will sprout in this center, which will be one of the best examples of public, industry and university cooperation. ” said.

KTM, which was implemented with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), set out with the goal of developing high-tech and value-added domestic products. KTM, which will be the first in Turkey, aims to establish a new generation chemistry ecosystem in its field. KTM will start its activities in Turkey's Technology and Innovation Base Informatics Valley.

Signatures for KTM were made in the valley. Under the supervision of Minister Varank, Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB) President Adil Pelister and Informatics Valley General Manager A. Serdar İbrahimcioğlu signed the signatures regarding the establishment of KTM. Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz, Deputy Minister of Commerce Özgür Volkan Ağar and sector representatives attended the ceremony.


In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Varank said that Informatics Valley, which was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2019, is one of the most concrete steps of the vision of the National Technology Move.


Noting that Turkey's inborn electric autonomous vehicle project Togg carries out its R&D activities in the valley with approximately a thousand engineers, and that Togg's partner SIRO develops battery technologies for electric vehicles here, Minister Varank said, “Currently, from mobility to information-communication technologies, from software to More than 270 R&D companies operating in critical areas from design to design are located here.” said.


Minister Varank stated that the Chemistry Technology Center, which started under the leadership of İKMİB and has reached today as a result of a very comprehensive needs analysis, will accelerate the test-analysis processes needed by the industry and that it will reduce Turkey's foreign dependency in this area.


Emphasizing that the chemistry industry had to receive services from abroad for nearly 50 tests and analyzes, Varank said, “When this center becomes operational, 209 tests needed in the industry will be carried out here in accordance with international standards, with domestic and national facilities. This place is designed as a qualified R&D center that will provide comprehensive training and consultancy services to the sector. Therefore, it will make significant contributions to the development of technical and human capacity in the sector.” he said.


Explaining that an incubation center will be established in the center, Varank said, “Innovative start-ups that will develop chemical technologies will sprout in this center, which will be one of the best examples of public, industry and university cooperation. I would like to ask the İKMİB management to act quickly at the point where this place is completed and put into service quickly. At a time when the competitive conditions in the global economy are being redesigned, we do not have the luxury of delaying the works that will give us an advantage.” said.


Noting that inflation has become a global problem affecting all countries due to the pandemic and war, Varank said, “Our government is making intense efforts with all its institutions to solve this problem, which also affects Turkey. Have no doubt that we will overcome this together, both with the pro-active policies we implement and by keeping an eye on opportunists. We will do the same as we lowered the Turkish economy, which we took over with high inflation, to single-digit inflation and raised it to the top. With a little patience and not provoking, we will reach brighter days together.” he said.


İbrahimcioğlu, General Manager of Bilişim Vadisi, who spoke at the ceremony, said, “Through the Chemical Technologies Center, where we have signed a first in Turkey; We bring together chemistry from the two strongest industrial branches of the region, automotive and chemistry, with informatics. On this occasion, we are bringing the chemistry industry together with the mobility field, which is one of our 6 vertical sectors.” said.


Stating that the nature of technological transformation is the necessity of working in harmony with many factors, İbrahimcioğlu said, “Although we know that the chemistry industry is one of the strong areas, we are also carrying out a cooperation with up to 300 software companies in the IT Valley, where we can support this. This center will not only be a center that will study chemical technologies, but will also provide an infrastructure that can improve Turkey's entrepreneurship ecosystem and provide entrepreneurs in the field of chemistry with an infrastructure in which they can do better business in Turkey. In fact, we are bringing together a common incubation business model that will serve chemistry entrepreneurs.” he said.


İKMİB President Pelister stated that their main aim is to raise the chemical industry, which is a source of raw materials, semi-finished products and products to 16 other sectors, as well as 27 sub-sectors, to the highest levels, as in all developed countries, “We have achieved the first place in exports on a sectoral basis. We will continue to work with all our strength to make this situation permanent. We will exceed our 2030 chemical industry export target of 50 billion dollars.” said.

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