Puppy Tortured and Dropped From Roof After Treatment Is 'In Safe Hands'

Puppy Tortured And Thrown From Roof In Safe Hands After Treatment
Puppy Tortured and Dropped From Roof After Treatment Is 'In Safe Hands'

In Mersin, the injured left eye of the puppy, whose torture was reflected on the camera, was healed, and his broken leg and broken hip were surgically corrected.

The puppy, which was found and adopted by the police when its owner was tortured and thrown from the roof in Mersin, when it was about to die, started to run and play again in the safe hands of the police after a difficult treatment period of about 2 months.

The 22-month-old puppy, who was tortured and thrown from the roof of his detached house on March 2 in the Akdeniz district Şevket Sümer District, had a bad day under the protection of the Provincial Security Directorate Public Security Branch Office, Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Bureau (HAYDİ) teams, who came to his aid when he was on the verge of death. survived.

The dog, which the police named "Lucky" due to its survival, underwent a difficult treatment period of about 2 months in Mezitli Animal Clinic due to the effects of violence reflected on the camera.

“Lucky”, whose injured left eye was healed, and his broken leg and shattered hip were surgically corrected, was not left alone by the HADI teams who frequently visited him.
Adopted by the police teams after his treatment, the dog was taken to its new home in the garden of the Traffic Control Branch Office.

The fact that “Lucky”, who is no longer sleeping on the roof of the house but in his hut among the greenery, is running again and playing with his toys makes the teams smile.

“It was a miracle that he even lived, so we named him 'Lucky'”

Ayşegül Karaduman, Deputy Commissioner of the Provincial Police Department, Media-Public Relations and Protocol Branch, said that the dog was holding on to life.

Noting that "Lucky" was thought to have died first, Karaduman said, "When the first announcement came to us, we were told that 'Lucky' had died. Let's go, our teams went to the scene and saw that he was breathing, they immediately took him to the clinic. We did our best for his treatment. He's had some surgeries. His treatment will continue.” said.

Karaduman emphasized that “Lucky” will always be under the protection of security and said, “It was a miracle that he even survived, so we named him 'Lucky'. As Mersin Police Department, we undertook the care and treatment of the dog we adopted. He is in safe hands with us from now on.” he said.

Karaduman stated that all the teams coming to the Traffic Inspection Branch were playing with the dog and said, “As Mersin Police, we are very happy when we see him in good condition. It gives us motivation.” used the phrase.

Suspect Released on Judicial Control Condition

Upon the report that a person threw down the puppy he tortured on the roof of his detached house, the teams of HAYDİ and Akdeniz Municipality started to work, and the dog, which was taken to the veterinarian for treatment, was adopted by the police.

The suspect MK, who was taken into custody by the police teams, was released on the condition of judicial control by the judge on duty after his proceedings.

The torture of the dog was recorded by a cell phone camera of a local citizen.

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