President Aktaş Tested the City Square Terminal Tram Line

President Aktas Tested City Square Terminal Tram Line
President Aktaş Tested the City Square Terminal Tram Line

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş made the final test drive on the T2 tram line, which was designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to bring the rail system together with the north of the city and the test drives started last week. President Aktaş, who used the tram from Kent Square to AS Merkez stop, said that the tests were carried out with great care and that passenger flights would start soon.

Test drives, which started last week, continue on the Kent Square-Terminal tram line, designed by the Metropolitan Municipality 'in line with the goal of knitting the city with iron nets'. With the integration of the T9 line, which has a total length of 445 meters and 11 stations, to the T2 line, the distance between Statue and Terminal was connected by rails, while the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş, participated in the test drive. President Aktaş, who got on the test wagon at the Kent Square stop, was accompanied by AK Party Bursa deputies Mustafa Esgin, Refik Özen and Vildan Yılmaz Gürel and AK Party Bursa Provincial President Davut Gürkan. President Aktaş, who took the vatman seat in the City Square, drove the tram at a speed of 1 kilometers per hour until the AS Central station.

the pride of serving

Expressing that they are happy to serve Bursa and keep their promises, Mayor Aktaş noted that Bursa talks about transportation a lot and there is a great need for investments related to transportation. Reminding that they had announced that they would start test drives in May regarding the T2 line, President Aktaş said, “We have started the tests and hopefully we will start the actual flights in June and July. The rail system line in Bursa was 47 kilometers. With this line, it reached 56 and a half kilometers. Again, the Emek City Hospital line construction continues, we will work on the Görükle line. We will have spread the modern transportation system all over Bursa. Here, test drives will continue for a while. Are there any problems at the stations or not; We will perform the tests related to them. I wish our line to be good and successful for our city. This line; Anyone who wants to go not only to the terminal but also to BUTTİM, GUHEM, the fairground, Bursa Science and Technology Center, mufti office, police station and courthouse will be able to use it very easily. There has been a bit of delay, let your right be halal," he said.

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