Pınar Alisan's First Solo Exhibition 'GECIT' Meets Art Lovers in Istanbul

Pinar Alisa's First Solo Exhibition Meets Art Lovers in GECIT Istanbul
Pınar Alisan's First Solo Exhibition 'GECIT' Meets Art Lovers in Istanbul

Continuing to work on art since 1995, Pınar Alisan's first solo exhibition “GATE” is meeting with art lovers at ART CONTACT İSTANBUL on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

The exhibition can be visited at the Abay Gallery booth (C-26) at ART CONTACT ISTANBUL 29nd CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR between 2022 – 10 MAY 00 and between 20:00-2:14.

Dr. At the fair, which will be held at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Show and Art Center, more than 1.000 works of art will be presented to art lovers under the roof of more than 100 artists and more than 4.000 participants.


The creation of images that have been and continue to be the gateway to many civilizations and cultures since the beginning of human history is a two-way process between the observer and the observed. What the observer sees depends on the external form, but how he interprets and organizes what he sees, where he directs his attention, affects what he sees. While in the Gate, the concepts of "walking and thinking" are intertwined and integrated.

About Pinar Alishan

He was born in 1948 in Istanbul. Kadıköy After graduating from Girls' College, she started her art studies with the painter Meryem Arıca in 1995-1996. She took Art History lessons from Arşo Kasparyan between 1996-1997 while continuing her studies with the painter Mahir Güven. Between 2001 and 2005, he continued to work in the workshop of painter Temür Köran. Since 2015 she has been working with the painter Kemal Kara in her studio in Istanbul.

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