Otokar Will Introduce New Electric Bus Family at Busworld Turkey 2022

Otokar Will Introduce New Electric Bus Family at Busworld Turkey
Otokar Will Introduce New Electric Bus Family at Busworld Turkey 2022

Being the leader of the Turkish bus market for 13 years, Otokar will exhibit its electric bus family, ranging from 2022 meters to 6 meters, for the first time at Busworld Turkey 19. Otokar's highly anticipated 6-meter bus will also be seen at the fair.

Otokar, Turkey's pioneering and leading bus brand, will exhibit its electric bus family for the first time in different lengths, ranging from 26 meters to 28 meters, at Busworld Turkey 2022, which will be held in Istanbul for the 10th time between 2022-6 May 19. The 6-meter bus family CENTRO and the 19-meter articulated bus e-KENT will be the most talked-about vehicles of the fair. In addition to being the best-selling bus brand in Turkey, the company offers comfortable and safe travel opportunities to millions of passengers with its tens of thousands of buses in more than 50 countries in the world such as Spain, Germany, France and Belgium.

Otokar Commercial Vehicles Deputy General Manager Kerem Erman stated that Otokar, which has produced pioneering vehicles such as Turkey's first hybrid bus, first electric bus, and smart bus, continues its claim in the field of electric buses and said: Our tens of thousands of vehicles that we have developed for transportation of personnel and personnel are in service in more than 60 countries around the world. We broke new ground in the field of alternative fuel vehicles and implemented pioneering works. Now, we are on our way to write a new success story with our electric bus family, which has expanded with two new vehicles, 50 meters and 19 meters long.”

Kerem Erman continued his words as follows; “Owning the widest bus product range in the industry, Otokar has been maintaining its leadership in the market for 13 years with special solutions it offers in line with user needs. Following our 12-meter city electric bus, our articulated e-KENT and 6-meter class e-CENTRO buses were developed especially for our target market, Europe. Otokar's electric buses will also start to serve on European streets very soon.” Stating that zero emission zones are gradually increasing in Europe, Erman said, “Municipalities and bus operators have started to prefer electric buses, especially in the city, for a cleaner environment and quieter traffic. Our users attach importance to the fact that the products are silent vehicles with zero emissions, high carrying capacity and low total cost of ownership. While developing Otokar's electric bus family, we took these needs and expectations into consideration. By offering vehicles with different capacities for different routes, we aimed to keep the owning and operating costs low for the operators. With our experience in public transportation, our knowledge on alternative fuels and our engineering capability, we have created an ideal product family that focuses on the expectations of the future.”

Electric Small Bus e-CENTRO

Otokar's new product family, CENTRO's electric model, e-CENTRO, stands out with its compact dimensions as an environmentally friendly and economical solution for historical areas, touristic cities with narrow streets and zero emission zones. The bus is offered to the market in two different lengths, 6 and 6,6 meters. The electric motor of the 6,6-metre-long e-CENTRO with a maximum power of 200 kW and a maximum torque of 1200 Nm does not compromise its performance even on the steepest slopes. Standing out with its lightness, the bus reduces the total cost of ownership of public transport operators with its low operating costs. The vehicle, which has a large and spacious interior thanks to the batteries placed on the floor, carries 32 passengers. The 110 kW Li-ion NMC batteries of the bus are charged in 1,5 hours, offering a range of 200 km on a single charge. In addition, thanks to its regenerative braking feature, 25 percent of energy is recovered from braking and deceleration in city traffic. kazanI am provided. The low-floor e-CENTRO offers comfortable transportation for everyone, including disabled passengers and strollers.

Responding to the technological needs of cities with a compact design, Otokar also refers to the 1970s design of the minibuses, which are considered "Legend" in the field of line transportation in e-CENTRO.

e-KENT Electric Articulated Bus

Otokar exhibits the 100-meter articulated version of its environmentally friendly, zero-emission, 19% electric bus family e-KENT, developed for metropolitan cities with high passenger density, for the first time at Busworld 2022. Otokar's 12-meter electric e-KENT bus has been tried and appreciated by different bus companies and municipalities in many different European countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and Romania in the past months. kazanhad been. Otokar has developed its articulated bus especially for metropolises with high passenger numbers. Articulated e-KENT stands out with its articulated structure that offers high maneuverability despite its length. While it offers high passenger capacity and large interior volume, four wide and metro type electric sliding doors allow passengers to get in and out of the vehicle quickly. Passengers travel comfortably in all seasons with the vehicle's 100 percent electric air conditioning.

Otokar offers different battery capacity options such as 350, 490, 560 kWh in the bellows e-KENT in order to offer the most suitable solution for the changing needs of cities. The Li-ion NMC batteries of the bus add agility to transportation with their fast and slow charging features. The bellows e-KENT can be charged quickly either in the garage or on the road with its pantograph type charging feature, thanks to its different charging options.

Many data, including the instant energy consumption of the bus, can be easily followed from the modern and digital display of e-KENT, which offers efficient and smart solutions to the cities of the future.

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