Migratory Birds Prefer Nests Built by Ankara Metropolitan

Migrant Birds Prefer Nests Built by Ankara Metropolitan
Migratory Birds Prefer Nests Built by Ankara Metropolitan

Continuing its environmentally friendly practices in the capital, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has also signed a nature-friendly project for migratory birds. As part of the 'Farmer-Friendly Birds Farming Safer Project' carried out by the Environmental Protection and Control Department with the Nature Research Association, the storks made nests at 17 designated spots in Güdül and Beypazarı. Storks in the incubation period began to use the nests.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its environmentally friendly works in the capital without slowing down, has signed a new nature-friendly application by not forgetting the migratory birds.

The Environmental Protection and Control Department built stork nests in its own workshops using materials produced by recycling from waste materials. Collaborating with the Nature Research Association, the Metropolitan Municipality installed 17 nests in the determined neighborhoods in Beypazarı and Güdül.


With the beginning of the spring season, Environmental Protection and Control Department, which wants to create special living spaces in the areas on the route of migratory birds migrating from south to north, turned the idle irons into a nest by giving them a round form and decorating them with pruned tree branches.

The stork nests installed in Beypazarı's Akçakavak Neighborhood, as part of the joint work carried out with the Nature Research Association within the scope of 'Farmer-Friendly Birds Farming is Safer Project', started to fill up due to the incubation period.


Ahmet Furkan Ton, a member of the Nature Research Association and Assistant of the Farmer-Friendly Birds Agriculture Safer Project, stated that they cooperated with the Metropolitan Municipality in order to protect the extinction of storks and other bird species and to ensure that they live in healthy environments.

“As part of the Safer Farming with Farmer-Friendly Birds Project, carried out with the support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we build stork nests and nests for different bird species in different districts of Ankara. Today, we are examining the stork nests that we have assembled in Akçakavak District of Beypazarı. Two of our storks claimed their nests. We will also do control observations. The main aim of our project is to increase the population of the declining bird species by reviving them.”

İrfan Nacak, who lives in Beypazarı Akçakavak District, stated that storks started to use the nests and said, “I really liked the stork nests that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality built. We wanted it to be done in a few more places. Storks came to 2 of the nests built on high poles, and when we saw them, we were all very excited. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the construction of the stork nest,'' he said.

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