Mercedes-Benz Türk Exceeds the Expectations of the Industry with Its Wide Truck Portfolio

Mercedes Benz Turk Exceeds Industry's Expectations With Its Wide Truck Portfolio
Mercedes-Benz Türk Exceeds the Expectations of the Industry with Its Wide Truck Portfolio

With its wide truck product range, Mercedes-Benz Türk continues to be the first choice of both fleet customers and individual customers in 2022. Mercedes-Benz Türk, which constantly renews its vehicles in line with market conditions and customer feedback; Actros raises the standards of the industry with Arocs and Atego.

Actros L, the largest and most equipped model of the Actros series, the most comfortable truck of Mercedes-Benz to date, offers the next level of comfort and luxury. Arocs trucks and tow trucks, which have been produced at the Mercedes-Benz Türk Aksaray Truck Factory since 2016 and have been specially developed in line with the expectations of the construction industry, stand out with their power, durability and efficiency.

Atego models, which are used extensively in urban distribution, short distance transportation and public service applications in the light truck segment, also have a wide range of uses.

Equipping its vehicles with innovations constantly in line with market conditions and feedback from its customers, Mercedes-Benz Türk continues to be the first choice of both fleet customers and individual customers with its wide truck product portfolio offered to the market. The company, which has not left its leadership in the truck sector for many years, offers comprehensive innovations in Arocs, Actros and Atego models in 2022 as a result of intensive R&D studies.

Actros L: The biggest and most equipped model of the standard-setting Actros series

Actros L tow trucks, manufactured at Mercedes-Benz Türk's Aksaray Truck Factory and being the most comfortable truck of Mercedes-Benz to date, started to be offered for sale in Turkey. Actros L, the widest and most equipped model of the Actros series, offers its customers the next level of comfort and luxury with its features for a comfortable driving experience, comfortable living space and efficient working.

Actros L; raises the bar for success in luxury, comfort, safety and technology to the next level. The driver's cabin of Actros L, which has StreamSpace and GigaSpace cabin options and an extremely spacious interior, is 2,5 meters wide. The vehicle, which has a flat floor thanks to the absence of an engine tunnel, offers a comfortable environment in the cabin. Improved sound and heat insulation prevents engine and road noise while driving. While these improvements prevent unwanted and disturbing sounds from reaching the cabin, they help the driver to rest, especially during breaks.

Aiming to help make road traffic as safe as possible by using active safety assistance systems, Mercedes-Benz is one step closer to realizing its vision of accident-free driving with the Actros L. This vision is evidenced not only by Lane Keeping Assistant, Distance Control Assistant, MirrorCam, which replaces the main and wide-angle mirrors, but also by a host of other safety features.

In addition to the Actros L innovations, additional model year innovations were introduced in the Actros L 1848 LS, Actros L 1851 LS and Actros L 1851 LS Plus models. Actros L 1848 LS, Actros L 1851 LS and Actros L 1851 LS Plus models are transitioning to Euro VI-E emission norm, and a new oil-type retarder is offered.

Actros and Arocs transportation product family continues to make a difference in the sector

Actros 2632 L DNA 6×2, 2642 LE-RÖM 6×2, 3232 L ADR 8×2 and 3242 L 8×2 produced in Aksaray Truck Factory in the Actros and Arocs transport product family offered to the Turkish market by Mercedes-Benz Türk and Mercedes-Benz There are Actros 1832 L 4×2, 2632 L DNA 6×2, 2632 L ENA 6×2 and Arocs 3240 L ENA 8×2 models produced in Benz's Wörth Factory.

Vehicles, most of which are used in areas such as closed/refrigerated bodies, tarpaulin trailers and fuel tankers, meet the needs of urban transportation, mainly between cities. Actros and Arocs transportation product family, which also come to the fore in public services; It stands out with its serial equipment ready for different technical needs, compliance with the specific requirements of the segment to be used, and ease of adaptation to various superstructures. The main areas of use of these vehicles in the public sector are solid waste collection, sprat, road sweeping, fire brigade, water tanker and dangerous goods transportation.

The Actros and Arocs transportation product family, which gained strength with the innovations made in 2022; It continues to make a difference in the sector with its competitive load carrying capacity, air suspension rear axles, ABA 8 equipment offered in series on all transportation vehicles except 2×5 vehicles, Powershift transmission, technical and legal requirements suitable for the purpose of use, as well as various optional equipment packages for needs.

Arocs trucks and tractors; stands out with its power, robustness and efficiency.

Arocs trucks and tow trucks, which have been produced at the Mercedes-Benz Türk Aksaray Truck Factory since 2016, have been specially developed in line with the needs and expectations of the construction industry. Arocs construction group trucks are designed in accordance with different axle configurations, engine powers and transmission types, as well as dumper, concrete mixer and concrete pump superstructures. Standing out with their power, durability and efficiency, the vehicles easily overcome even the toughest conditions on the construction site.

As of 2022, Mercedes-Benz Turk, in all construction series trucks with OM471 engine; The brake system also offers Powerbrake as standard, which reduces maintenance costs, contributes to safe driving and offers a maximum braking power of 410 kW.

Arocs trucks suitable for dumper superstructure offer dynamic driving characteristics

Arocs trucks, suitable for dumper superstructures, exceed the expectations of customers with their proven robustness in difficult construction sites, the confidence they offer to their drivers and their dynamic driving characteristics. Mercedes-Benz Türk dumper series Arocs trucks to meet various customer demands; two-axle Arocs 2032 K, three-axle double-wheel drive Arocs 3332 K, 3345 K and four-axle double-wheel drive 4145 K, 4148 K and 485 1K options.

Mercedes-Benz Turk meets the expectations of its customers with the most powerful tipper truck model Arocs 4851K, designed to meet the demanding conditions and high load capacity at the construction site. Mercedes-Benz Turk had increased the engine power of its four-axle double-wheel drive trucks by approximately 2021 PS as of 30. The engine power increase, which gained the appreciation of the sector, started to be offered in 2022×6 tipper vehicles as of 4. The engine power of the Arocs 3342 K model, which is suitable for the three-axle double-wheel-drive tipper superstructure, was increased by 30PS and presented to the customers as the 3345K.

A new member has been added to the Arocs family, suitable for the concrete mixer superstructure.

The double-wheel drive Arocs trucks, which are suitable for the concrete mixer superstructure and diversified by Mercedes-Benz Turk in order to meet the demands varying according to the width of the maneuvering area and the size of the superstructure, consist of the three-axle 3332 B and 3342 B and the four-axle 4142 B models, respectively. With the Arocs 3740, which it has just added to its portfolio, the company is putting on the field a new player that will meet the expectations of its customers operating in the ready mixed concrete sector, both technically and economically. Arocs 3740, which provides an advantage with fuel economy especially in urban uses, provides ease of getting on and off for drivers due to its lower vehicle height and cabin entry height compared to its counterparts. Mercedes-Benz Turk offers safe, performance and comfortable driving dynamics with its new player, Arocs 3740.

Wide selection of Arocs suitable for concrete pump superstructure

Arocs trucks suitable for the concrete pump superstructure offered by Mercedes-Benz Türk to the industry consist of three-axle 3343 P and four-axle 4143 P and 4443 P models. One of the most important features offered as standard in trucks, which are configured in accordance with concrete pump superstructures of any length, is the Live (NMV) PTO with high torque output, which is indispensable for the pump superstructure. Thanks to this feature, time and cost savings are achieved by avoiding the application of intermediate gearboxes, which are applied to vehicles during the production of concrete pump superstructures and require cutting the cardan shaft.

Arocs tractors offer comfortable driving even in challenging conditions

Arocs 1842 LS short and long cab tractors, introduced by Mercedes-Benz Turk to the market, easily overcome the toughest conditions thanks to their powerful driveline, chassis and powertrain. As of 2022, the four-point independent comfort type cabin suspension used in long-cab Arocs tractors began to be offered as standard in short-cab Arocs tractors. Thus, the vehicle enables a comfortable drive even in challenging conditions. The 1842 LS short cab tractor model of the Arocs tractor family, which is generally preferred in harsh conditions, fully meets the expectations as a mixer tractor.

Arocs double-wheel-drive tractors fully meet expectations in the heavy transport segment

Mercedes-Benz; It offers a product portfolio that fully meets the expectations of its customers in the heavy transport segment, where it has been very strong for years in the European market and offers superior products, in the Turkish market as well. Arocs 6 S tow trucks, which are members of the Euro 3351 product family and produced at the Mercedes-Benz Türk Aksaray Truck Factory, meet the sector with long and short cabin options with a technical train capacity of 120 tons. Arocs 6 S with 4×3351 axle configuration; 12,8 lt engine producing 510 PS power and 2500 Nm torque as standard, engine brake providing 410 kW braking power, 7,5-ton front axle and 13.4-tonne traction rear axle, 4,33 axle ratio, which is required for high loads needed in heavy loads. It appeals to the heavy transport industry with its torque transmission and high performance. As in the long cabin vehicle type, Arocs 3351 S short cab tractors will be equipped with four-point independent comfort cabin suspension, which increases comfort, as of 2022, in the standard package.

Arocs 155 S, specially designed for technical trains up to 3358 tons and manufactured at Mercedes-Benz Türk Aksaray Truck Factory; 15,6 lt engine producing 578 PS power and 2800 Nm torque, engine brake providing 480kW braking power, reinforced driveline (9-ton front axle and 16-tonne rear axles with traction), axle ratios up to 5,33 and four With its 3.5-inch heavy-duty 5th wheel drawbar that tilts to one side, it more than meets all the expectations of the heavy transport industry.

Apart from the double-wheel drive vehicles produced at the Aksaray Truck Factory, Mercedes-Benz Türk also offers different types of axles (for example, 6×2, 6×4, 6×6, 8×4 etc.) within special demands to the Turkish market. Company; The Arocs/Actros vehicles with “Turbo Retarder Clutch” 180×250 or 6×4 axle configurations with 8 and 4 tons of technical train weights, specially designed for loads far above the normal load capacity in the heavy transport segment, meet all the expectations demanded by the industry.

Atego, which is in the light truck segment, has a wide usage area.

The Atego model, which is used extensively in urban distribution, short distance transportation and public applications in the light truck segment, also has a wide range of uses. The vehicle, which is suitable for the application of a wide variety of superstructures, mainly with closed body, open body and refrigerated body superstructures for urban distribution; It is frequently preferred in areas such as retail transportation, postal transportation, livestock or house-to-house transportation. The vehicle, which can also be used in dangerous goods transportation with its tanker superstructure, is preferred in public applications as a garbage truck, road sweeper, firefighting or snow fighting vehicle with different superstructures.

In the Atego product portfolio offered by Mercedes Benz Türk for the Turkish market, there are 4, 2 and 1018 models in the 1518×1621 arrangement, as well as the Atego 6 standard packages in the 2×2424 arrangement.

The Atego model, produced in Daimler Truck's Wörth factory and imported to Turkey, has a wide range of products. Apart from the vehicles it offers as standard in Turkey, Mercedes-Benz Türk can also deliver a product order with different equipment to its customers by making special vehicle studies from Daimler Truck's wide product range.

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