Last Minute: CHP Bursa Former Deputy Kemal Demirel Died

Last Minute CHP Bursa Former Deputy Kemal Demirel Died
Last Minute CHP Bursa Former Deputy Kemal Demirel Died

Kemal Demirel, 22nd and 23rd term CHP Deputy, who fought hard for the train to come to Bursa and traveled kilometers for the railway for years, passed away at the age of 67.

Continuing the campaign "I Want a Train to Bursa" since 19 January 1997 without a break, and with various marches and petition campaigns, press conferences and photo exhibitions throughout this campaign, he brought the subject to the Turkish Grand National Assembly both as a deputy and throughout his political and civil life. Kemal Demirel, 22nd and 23rd Term CHP Bursa Member of Parliament, was receiving treatment at the hospital for a while.

Demirel, who brought up local and general issues that concern not only the railway but also everyone in the society, recently put the mucilage issue on his agenda.

Demirel, who was born in 1955 in Kırklareli, served as a Member of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, who held senior management positions in a private education institution in Bursa, in addition to his MP identity. Demirel, who was also a member of Bursa Bal-Migration, Bursa Eğridereliler, Western Thrace Solidarity, Rumeli Turks Solidarity Associations, also had poetry books called Umut and stagram.

It was learned that Kemal Demirel, who is married and has two children, will be buried after the ceremony held tomorrow.

On the other hand, CHP Deputy Chairman Lale Karabıyık shared on her social media account, “I am deeply saddened by the death of our 22nd and 23rd term Bursa deputy, Kemal Demirel. I wish God's mercy and my condolences to Kemal Demirel, who has made great efforts for Bursa and who has not stopped fighting for the Bursa train despite being treated for his illness for a long time.”

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