Kurtbogazi Dam Caravan Park Visitors Flooded

Kurtbogazi Dam Caravan Park Visitor Akinina Ugradi
Kurtbogazi Dam Caravan Park Visitors Flooded

Caravan enthusiasts show great interest in the caravan park opened by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality at Kurtbogazi Dam. Kurtboğazı Dam Caravan Park, which was opened by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş in 2021, where all kinds of physical facilities and security are provided, continues to be a frequent destination for visitors from various provinces of Turkey as well as residents of the Capital.

The 'Caravan Park Project' implemented by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in Kurtboğazı Dam and Blue Lake in order to popularize caravan tourism in the capital, attracts great attention from campers.

Kurtboğazı Dam Caravan Park, which was opened by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş on August 2021 Victory Day in 30, is flooded by caravan enthusiasts from various provinces of Turkey as well as citizens of the Capital.


The caravan park, which was established on an area of ​​approximately 6 thousand 500 square meters in Kurtboğazı Dam, meets all the basic needs of campers.

Kurtboğazı Dam Caravan Park, where each caravan has green space, picnic table, barbecue, clean water, electricity, social facilities, security and parking facilities; It continues to be a frequent destination for visitors who want to stay away from the city crowd and stay in nature.

The daily accommodation fee of the park, which has a capacity of 16 caravans, which has started to become one of the favorite tourism venues of the capital, is 125 TL. Citizens who come to Kurtboğazı Dam Caravan Park with their caravans express their satisfaction with the following words, giving full marks to the park area, which Ankara Metropolitan Municipality provides for its safety, comfort and cleanliness:

Varol Rye: “We come here from Kocaeli. We liked it very much. We go to many trailer parks, unlike the others, this one is also very beautiful in terms of landscaping. Other than that, there is no gray water drain anywhere, but this trailer park has a gray water drain and it is very valuable. We would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and the friends who work here.”

Ceyda Rye: “There is also a caravan park of the Metropolitan Municipality in Blue Lake. We plan to go there at another time. If the Metropolitan Municipality opens such places that are different and intertwined with nature, we are thinking of evaluating it.”

Filiz Esetekin: “We have been using the Caravan Park since last year. We come here with pleasure. It is very nice to be in the forest, it is also nice to be close to the city. The price opportunity provided by the Metropolitan Municipality is more economical than other caravan parks. Those who come here use the space consciously. Everywhere is immaculate. It is very clear that cleaning is done behind our back. It is very valuable that the washbasins are unique to each caravan. It is close to the toilet, there is a picnic table in front of each trailer, which I think is a very important detail. Here we can spread out in a grassy area and live our own private world. Very enjoyable."

Bora Esetekin: “We have been coming to both here and the camp at Blue Lake since it first opened. We are very pleased with the opportunities it provides as well as the physical environment. Extremely clean, immaculate. As a family, we enjoy a lot with our children, and it also feels very safe to us. There are also security guards everywhere. We leave our children with ease.”

Hacer Toprak: “We loved the trailer park. It is immaculate and has all kinds of possibilities. It's our first time here. We can meet all our needs. Our sinks, water, electricity, table, everything is beautiful. We thank the Metropolitan Municipality.”

Ayşegül Yurdakul: “We are really satisfied. We plan to come again. It meets our every need. They welcomed us very nicely. It was a nice experience for us. Security service is also very good. Here we leave everything and wander around.”

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