Kartepe Will Become the Base of the 'Intermodal Railport'

Kartepe Will Become the Base of Intermodal Railport
Kartepe Will Become the Base of the 'Intermodal Railport'

Kartepe district of Kocaeli will become the base of a new transportation model, "Intermodal Railport". Only the infrastructure investment cost of the project is 500 million TL.

The Turkish name of the project is “Kartepe Intermodal Logistics Terminal Project”. The address of the project is Sarımeşe neighborhood of Kartepe. A huge facility will be built on an area of ​​350 decares just below Altın Kablo Sanayi A.Ş., exactly in the area where Sarımeşe is closest to Acısu and Çepni neighborhoods.


Thanks to this facility, which expresses the transportation model of containers called "Intermodal" integrated into the railway, Kocaeli will be the logistics base of rail transportation. The cargoes that will arrive at this point piece by piece will be combined in containers here and will be connected to the railway line and sent to the provinces or countries to which they will go. The actual loading station will be here. It will act as a kind of cargo center.


In a period when the prices of sea and land transportation in international transportation have increased 5-6 times and continue to increase, transportation by rail is extremely advantageous as it is both faster and cheaper. The fact that Turkey started to transport to China and Europe via the railway network further increased the potential of this model all over the world.


Arkas Holding, one of Turkey's international transportation brand companies, carries out the project called “Railport” together with its German partner. The project, which started in December 2021, is expected to be completed in the summer of 2023.


The infrastructure investment cost of the project alone is more than 30 million dollars. In today's figures, it is about 500 million liras. Ki cranes and trains are not included in this figure. With them, the investment cost is expected to approach 1 billion liras.


Miray Construction, which carries out the manufacturing works in all investments of Arkas Logistics, carries out the project on behalf of Arkas Holding. While it is stated that the level of 25 percent has been reached in the works, ground correction, concrete pouring, excavation and excavation works are still continuing intensively in the area. (encocaeli)

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