İzmir Prepares to Host Fanzine Meetings for the First Time

Izmir Prepares to Host Fanzine Meetings for the First Time
İzmir Prepares to Host Fanzine Meetings for the First Time

With the youth-oriented city vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, Izmir is preparing to host “Fanzin Meetings” for the first time. The organization, where young people will have the opportunity to come together and discuss current, political, economic and literary issues with master writers, will be held at Bıçakçı Han on May 21-22.

Young people come together with master writers in İzmir Fanzine Meetings, which will be held by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality at Bıçakçı Han on May 21-22. With the event, fanzines and fanzine publishing will be discussed in an age where old technology and habits are changing. During the festival, questions such as what a fanzine means, what an independent fanzine-magazine means politically, what are the ways to create and publish a fanzine content will be answered.

Master names parade

The event, which will start with the opening of the Graffiti Workshop exhibition by Zarife Aslan on Saturday, May 21 at 13.00, will include Latife Tekin's "Following Young Literature", Altay Öktem's "Fanzines from the Past to the Present", and "Cihat Duman" and Esat Cavit Başak's "Fanzines from Past to Present" moderated by Enes Kurdaş. Chaos and Art” sessions will be held. On Sunday, May 22, at 13.00, “Fanzines in the Digital World” by Ece Eldek and İnanç Avadit, “Fanzine Publishing Forum in Turkey” by Ahmet Keskinkılıç and Yalım Aydın, and by Asuman Susam and Anita Sezgener at 15:30. workshop and conversation, and "Young Writers Fanzine Experiences" sessions by Ozan C. Türkmen, Mihrap Aydın and Fatih Çünkoğlu will meet with young people at 17:00. Fanzine Meetings will end with a concert at 18.30.

What is a fanzine?

Fanzine is derived from the English words “fanatic” and “magazine” (magazine). It is an alternative print publication. It is far from ownership relations and hierarchical structuring. Not for profit. Often reproduced by photocopying

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