Ajda Pekkan: 'There Is A Generation Z, What Generation Am I?'

Ajda Pekkan What Generation Am I?
Ajda Pekkan What Generation Am I?

Singer Ajda Pekkan, at her concert in Antalya, asked her audience, “Why do you divide people into A generation and B generation? I also wore a pink belt around my waist tonight,” she said.

Artist Ajda Pekkan gave a concert to approximately 3 thousand people in Antalya. Speaking to his audience during the concert, the singer said, “There is a generation called Generation Z. What generation am I?" she asked.

Pekkan used the following expressions at the concert: “A generation called Z generation has emerged. What generation am I? Why do you divide people as A generation and B generation? I also wore a pink sash around my waist tonight.”

Who is Ajda Pekkan?

Ayşe Ajda Pekkan (born 12 February 1946) is a Turkish singer. Known by the nickname "Superstar" since the 1970s, Pekkan has become one of the prominent names of Turkish pop music with his songs that portray a strong female figure. Thanks to his up-to-date musical style, he remained popular for over 50 years and influenced many singers who came after him.

Born in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Pekkan's musical career began in the early 1960s when he performed in a nightclub as part of the Los Çatikos group. However, in 1963, he won the cinema artist competition of Ses magazine. kazanShe became widely known as an actress and for several years furthered her artistic career, focusing on acting rather than singing. In the same year, he made his debut in Yeşilçam cinema by playing the lead role in his first film, Adanalı Tayfur. In the following six years, after starring in nearly 1963 black and white films, including Şıpsevdi (1964), Hızır Dede (1965) and Mixed with the Joke (50), she quit acting and focused entirely on singing.

Pekkan spent the first twenty years of her career performing dozens of arranged songs based on imported compositions with Turkish lyrics written. “Who Came Who Who Passed”, “Bullshit Brainstorm”, “What Will I Do To You”, “Look For You”, “What's Happening To You”, “What A Different Person”, “Every Sleepless Night”, Songs like "O Benim Dünyam" became the best-known songs of both Pekkan and Turkish pop music. In the period after the arrangements in his career from the 1990s onwards, he worked with a variable team of songwriters, primarily Şehrazat and Sezen Aksu. During this period, many of his songs, including "Summer, Summer", "Hug Me", "Have Fun, My Beautiful", "Vitrin", "Just Like That" and "I Wake Up", went to the top of the charts.

During the 1970s, the fame of the singer gradually increased outside of his country, especially in Europe, and was reinforced by the concerts he gave in different countries. However, he recorded a French-language album in 1978, she. With her growing popularity, the singer was pressured to represent Turkey in the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest, and Pekkan reluctantly agreed to participate. Admiration within the borders of the country kazanWhen he was disappointed that the song “Pet'r Oil” was fifteenth in the competition, he took a rest for a while.

Ajda Pekkan, whose records have sold over 15 million copies, is one of the best-selling singers of all time in her country. She is shown as one of the leading figures of westernization in her country, both with her art and her image. She has the title of State Artist and the Order of Arts and Letters she. He is included in the list of Turkey's Top 100 Albums prepared by Hürriyet newspaper with his three albums. She was included in The Hollywood Reporter magazine's list of the 2016 Most Powerful Women in Show Business in 100. Although she does not define herself as a feminist, many of her songs that tell stories of strong women have been used as feminist anthems.

Ajda Pekkan, who got married to Coşkun Sapmaz for 17 days on 1973 November 6, made her second engagement with journalist Erol Yaraş in 1979 at the Izmir Fair. The engagement rings of the couple were worn by Metin Akpınar and Zeki Alasya. In 1984, she married Ali Bars for 6 years. Pekkan cites her decision not to have children as her biggest regret. Because she wanted to focus on her career, six of her pregnancies ended in abortions, she said. Giving concerts in many international countries, Ajda Pekkan sang songs in many languages, including English, French, Italian, Arabic and Japanese, as well as Turkish.

Ajda Pekkan, who left Camlica Girls' High School before completing her education, took singing lessons from Leyla Demiriş in her early music and cinema career.

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