How to Choose the Right Toys and Books for Kids

How to Choose the Right Toys and Books for Children
How to Choose the Right Toys and Books for Kids

In the guide, there are suggestions for parents on the selection of books that have an important place in the development of children, and games and toys, which are defined as the "training of life".

Prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Services, General Directorate of Child Services,Suggestions for Families in Choosing Books and Toys for ChildrenIn the guide titled ”, the benefits of books, games and toys for children, the factors to be considered in the selection of books and toys were explained and suggestions were made.

In the guide, it was stated that the child's ability to establish a positive bond with the book depends on meeting with books that are suitable for his age, development level, interests and needs. kazanSuggestions were listed as follows:

  • Be a role model for your child in reading books
  • Encourage your child to buy books with their own pocket money
  • Read books to children, starting from early childhood
  • For illiterate children, ask them to tell a story by looking at the picture of the books
  • Do not neglect the library section when preparing a room for your child before he is born.
  • Go to the library, bookstores, book fairs with your child
  • Encourage your child to borrow books
  • Sing an age-appropriate lullaby or tell a tale before bedtime
  • Arrange reading hours by leaving the television, mobile phone and other technological devices out of use at a certain time of the day.

In the guide, information was given about the characteristics of the books for children aged 0-6 in terms of content, format, language and picture.

Expensive toy may not be suitable

In the guide, which also emphasizes the importance of games and toys in the development of children, “Play is the training of life. The choice of toys that children use in this training is very important. Parents may turn to expensive options in terms of providing the right toys for their children. However, an expensive toy may not always be a suitable one. Parents should pay attention to the fact that the toy supports the positive development of the child and is beneficial for the child.” statements were included.

Children can solve their problems while playing

In the guide, which pointed out that play is the child's way of communicating with his environment, the following were recorded:

“Just watching the children who are thought to have a problem while playing, provides important information about the source of the problem. While playing, the child both expresses his/her troubles and learns to relate to his/her environment and starts to take the first steps of being an individual. While playing, the child also learns to adapt to the rules of society and morality. Children playing with their friends; with feelings such as sharing, being patient, and skills that are necessary for them in their social life such as cooperation. kazanir. Playing games is the child's learning the subjects that he cannot learn from anyone, through his own experiences, in order to get to know life.

It should not contain violence and fear elements.

In the guide, the following suggestions and warnings were made about choosing toys:

  • Toys should not contain factors that negatively affect the psychosocial development of the child, such as fear, violence, and bad behavior.
  • The right toy does not necessarily have to be expensive. The most important point for the child is the selection of toys that activate his imagination, activate his cognitive processes and have educational features.
  • Especially in the 0-3 age period, children learn with their senses. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that the toys chosen appeal to the child's sense organs.
  • Toys with violent content or inciting violence, such as guns and knives, should not be purchased.
  • It should be noted that the purchased toy does not contain elements contrary to national and moral values ​​and universal moral rules.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the toy is strong and durable, and that the paint does not come off quickly.
  • Toys should be as simple as possible, designed in an easy-to-understand way, without details and with rounded corners. Toys with pointed and sharp surfaces should not be preferred.
  • The battery case of battery operated toys should not be opened easily and should be screwed. Attention should be paid to the age restrictions on the toy, especially toys containing small parts that can be swallowed by babies should not be preferred.
  • Attention should be paid to the presence of the CE mark on the toy, which shows its compliance with health, safety and environmental protection standards. It is very important that the toy does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Toys whose material smells bad should never be bought.
  • Plush toys can cause allergic reactions in babies. For this reason, fluffy and plush toys should not be given to babies to play with.
  • Babies should never be given balloons because of the risk of bursting and blocking the windpipe.

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