FANUC Becomes the Most Technological Solution Partner of the Medical Industry with Roboshots

FANUC Becomes the Most Technological Solution Partner of the Medical Sector with Roboshots
FANUC Becomes the Most Technological Solution Partner of the Medical Sector with Roboshots

Japan-based CNC, robot and machine manufacturer FANUC provides the production capacity and efficiency of the medical industry, whose importance has increased in recent years, with its innovative Roboshot models. Roboshot models, which are the most important solution partner of the medical industry thanks to their ability to work in accordance with clean room conditions, high level of repetition ability and sensitive production, gain superior features with R&D studies.

Leading the development of CNC controllers, robots and machines in the automation industry, FANUC provides high business capability to the medical industry, where automation potential is on the rise. FANUC, which reduces production costs thanks to the Roboshot models that support the world's lowest energy consumption, continues to expand its solution partnership with Europe's largest companies day by day.

Roboshot works in full compliance with clean room conditions

Saying that the use of Roboshot in the medical sector has undergone a great change with the pandemic, FANUC Turkey General Manager Teoman Alper Yiğit said, “As FANUC, we approach every project that benefits humanity with minimum commercial concerns and expectations. With this awareness, Roboshot's operation in accordance with the clean room conditions in ISO 7 and ISO 8 standards, high level of repeatability, precision production and minimal maintenance requirements make it preferred in many challenging projects in the medical sector. Thanks to its superior features, the 100% electric injection molding machine FANUC Roboshot meets the requirements and meets the standards in production with its auxiliary equipment. On the other hand, with Robosot, which stands out with its CNC control system, our customers produce with superior repeatability and minimum waste.”

Roboshot supports the world's lowest energy consumption

Expressing that FANUC is also working on new solutions with the widespread use of Roboshot in the medical sector, Yiğit said: “With Roboshot, our machine with CNC control system, we ensure production with minimum maintenance requirement and maximum efficiency in the projects we take part in. Supporting the world's lowest energy consumption, Roboshot not only supports companies by reducing production costs, but also enables environmentally friendly production. We continue our R&D studies without interruption in order for companies to grow in the medical sector and realize successful projects. We designed the FANUC Roboshot S150IB machine to be specific to the medical industry and presented it to our customers with the Roboshot S150IB Medical Series. In this special machine, food-grade lubrication 'food grease' is used and with the platinum-plated special casting option, full compliance with clean room conditions is ensured. By maintaining our solution partnership with the largest companies in Europe operating in the medical sector, we are developing our superior technologies day by day in line with the demands.”

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