Europe's First Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery Plant Ready for Production

Europe's First Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery Plant Ready for Production
Europe's First Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery Plant Ready for Production

Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, stated that with the cylindrical lithium-ion battery production facility that will reduce foreign dependency in the defense industry, the batteries will be exported to Europe and the region will become a battery warehouse.

Established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1981 with the contributions of philanthropic business people, the foundations of ASPİLSAN Energy were laid in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone on April 2, 1981, with donations made by citizens of Kayseri.

ASPİLSAN Energy, in which the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation has a 98 percent share, adds strength to Turkey's power by producing batteries and batteries specific to the devices used in land, air and sea, according to the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), as well as the private sector.

The factory also designs the TAF's radio, night vision system, mixer system, anti-tank system and robotic system batteries used in mine sweeping-bomb disposals, batteries and batteries used in missile and guidance kits, and anti-torpedo batteries.

Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, said that the lithium-ion battery production facility, the foundation of which was laid last year in Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone, and will begin mass production in the near future, has been completed.

Özsoy stated that lithium ion technology is used in many areas today, and a new "technology age" was taken by bringing technology that is not available in Turkey to the country.

Pointing out that an important step has been taken for mass production, Özsoy stated that a new facility has been built for energy storage in line with the needs of the private sector, especially the defense industry.

The investment cost of the facility is 1 billion 500 million liras.

Emphasizing that the facility has been completed for approximately 1 billion 500 million liras, Özsoy stated that these steps taken at the beginning will bring investments of billions of liras.

Explaining the importance of being domestic and national in battery production, Özsoy said, “Turkey has become one of the leading actors of the world's energy storage systems, not just behind them, with this investment. Turkey will be a battery country in the future. Because in the future everything will run on batteries. Technology will not be without batteries. Battery production in all platforms from space to the mobile phone in our hands will develop in our country, we will export to Europe, we will become the battery warehouse of the region. We have started a move that will bring us to modern technology in the future as well.” used the phrases.

Emphasizing that the facility will also be used at critical points of the Turkish defense industry, Özsoy said, “The foreign dependency of our defense industry will be prevented from being cut off, especially with implicit embargoes. Our electronics or weapon system designers will make their designs to their heart's content.” said.

"Our country's foreign dependency will decrease, especially in electric vehicles, and later in the defense industry." Özsoy also noted that the factory will make significant contributions to the production of Turkey's value-added products.

Production will be made with own patent and license

Nihat Aksüt, Director of ASPİLSAN Energy Investment Projects Management Office, said that the production was made with national technology, and no production was made with the patent or license of another company.

Emphasizing that all intellectual and industrial property rights of the battery produced belong to ASPİLSAN Energy, Aksüt said, “The cylindrical battery has a capacity of 2800 mAh and a voltage of 3.65V. The annual production capacity of our facility is 220 MWh, that is, 60 cells are produced per minute, which corresponds to 21 million 600 thousand cells annually.” said.

Explaining that not only NMC but also other lithium-ion chemistry cells can be produced in the battery production facility, Aksüt also drew attention to the fact that the facility was built on a closed area of ​​25 thousand square meters.

Aksüt noted that there is a dry area of ​​2 thousand 10 square meters in the factory, which is more than the sum of all dry areas in Turkey.

Stating that the installation, commissioning and field acceptance tests of the machine line have been completed, Aksüt also stated that they are in trial production and that they will start mass production in June.

Talking about the importance of the factory, Aksüt said, “ASPİLSAN Energy's first lithium-ion rechargeable cylindrical battery production facility has a quality; it is the first facility to have mass production in this category in Europe.” he said.

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