Fırat Nursery is Transformed into a Living Park

Firat Nursery is Transformed into a Living Park
Fırat Nursery is Transformed into a Living Park

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is adding a new green area to Buca, which is among the districts with the highest population density in the city. Minister Tunç Soyer, said that they will turn the Firat Nursery land, which is owned by the municipality, into a park and make it available to the public. Stating that they will establish a second Hasanağa Garden in Buca, Mayor Soyer said, “I hope this approach of ours will set a precedent for other areas of the city. Because we want to see parks and green areas, not buildings, at the place of the prison that will be demolished. Buca needs green and trees, not concrete.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerWork has begun to turn the Euphrates Nursery in Buca into a public park, which was the election promise of Turkey. The existing concrete floor and steel construction structures in the nursery will be removed and a living park will be built, which will be open to the public and will accommodate many different areas of use. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor stated that they are continuing the construction of the Orange Valley in Buca in line with the vision of a “greener İzmir”. Tunç Soyer“When we started our duty, we said 'we want to create green spaces in the city where our people can breathe in harmony with nature'. We keep this promise. We will turn our nursery in Gediz Neighborhood in Buca into a living park and open it to the use of both the people of Buca and the people of Izmir.”

There will be ponds and greenhouses

The construction of the park, which will be realized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department and one of the municipal companies, İzDoğa, is planned to start in June. In an area of ​​30 thousand square meters, there will be a biological pond, laboratory training areas and a greenhouse. In the living park, which is planned to be one of the favorite visit centers of the people of Izmir as well as the people of Buca, there will be green areas and a tea garden where the people can take a walk and relax with pleasure.

We are starting the work

Mayor Soyer, who announced that they will start this project, which they have been working on for a while to gain a new green area in the Buca district center, by taking the opinions of the people, said, “Buca Fırat Nursery is the green area used by our Department of Parks and Gardens. In the center of Buca, besides Hasanağa Garden, we transform a large area into a living park and bring it to the city. We want our citizens to come here, rest and have a good time," he said.

We are ready

Emphasizing that they expect this approach to be a precedent for other important lands of the city, Mayor Soyer reiterated his call for the Buca Prison land, which has started to be demolished, to be brought to the city as a green area and said: “Our Buca needs more greenery. Let's join forces not to hand over Buca to concrete and to breathe life into Buca. As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we are ready to provide the necessary support.”

Work continues in Portakal Vadisi

Stating that they have turned an area of ​​26,6 thousand square meters into an ecological city park where the people of İzmir will breathe in the city with the Orange Valley, which they continue to build with an investment of 200 million liras in Buca Tınaztepe District, Mayor Soyer said, “Our work in the Orange Valley has reached the level of 70 percent. . When this place is completed, we will have brought one of the best examples of a life in harmony with nature against the ecological destruction that has been experienced in Buca in recent years in an unprecedented way all over the world.”

People of Gediz will have a recreation area

The Emergency Solution Team, formed by Mayor Soyer in order to identify the needs of İzmir, especially in the neighborhoods far from the center, and to produce quick and on-site solutions, conducted field research in the Gediz District, where the park will be built. As a result of the research, the residents of Gediz district stated that they wanted the Euphrates Nursery to be a park in accordance with the promise of Mayor Soyer. The ideas of the residents of the neighborhood were taken for the living park to be built instead of the Fırat Nursery, so a design was created considering the wishes and needs of the people who will benefit from the park.

6 new parks have been added to Buca

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerEmergency Solution Teams, formed by . 6 parks in Mustafa Kemal District, 500 parks in İnönü District and one park in Göksu District were put into service. In addition, an olive tree was planted by creating a new forestation area of ​​6 thousand square meters in Buca Kırıklar Neighborhood. Maintenance and repair works continue in Buca Yedigöller Park, which has a green area of ​​3 thousand square meters. The existing 2 thousand square meters of green areas in Göksu, İnönü, Mustafa Kemal, Çaldıran and Atatürk neighborhoods were renewed by the Metropolitan Municipality. 10 plants, including trees, shrubs, seasonal flowers, and ground covers, were given to district municipalities, headmen, state institutions and non-governmental organizations to meet the soil. In 90 years, 21 thousand 158 trees and bushes and 3 thousand 87 flowers were planted in Buca.

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