Eskişehir's Beach Opens the Season

Eskisehir's Beach Season Is Opening
Eskişehir's Beach Opens the Season

While the final preparations are being made on the artificial beach of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality in Kentpark, the beach will open the season on June 3 and say 'hello to summer'. Pools will start to serve as of May 26.

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to open it to the public by completing the preparatory work on the artificial beach, which is appreciated by the people of the city and tourists coming from outside the city and attracts great attention throughout the summer.

Citizens of Eskişehir, which does not have a sea but is the first and most beautiful example with its artificial beach, will enjoy the warm weather at Kentpark as of June 3rd.

The artificial beach, which is 350 meters long and has olympic pools, attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists, as well as the people of Eskişehir.

Lifeguards will also be on duty against drowning incidents on the artificial beach, which gives the sea air to those who are overwhelmed by the heat.

Beach officials stated that the beach water controls are carried out regularly, and that the adult entrance fee is 0 TL for the facility, which is free for children aged 6-50.

It is stated that children aged 0-6 are free of charge in the pools within the facility, and the entrance fee for adults is 75 TL.

As of June 3, Kentpark Beach will serve 7 days a week between 10.00:18.00 and 26:XNUMX. The pools that will be opened as of May XNUMX will also be open at the same times.

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