Do Not Accept All Treats During Eid Visits

Do not accept every treat on holiday visits
Do Not Accept All Treats During Eid Visits

Various sweets, chocolate, sugar, coffee and tea are waiting for us during the holiday visits. Stating that you should not consume all of these treats in order to have a healthy holiday, experts Dyt. Nejla Kazoğlu gives important nutritional advice.

We left behind Ramadan, the sultan of 11 months. Prolonged hunger and thirst, malnutrition, and reduction of nutrition to 2-3 meals during the month of Ramadan cause slowdowns in metabolism. The end of Ramadan and the arrival of Ramadan Bayram, which cheers up the houses immediately after, is considered as a bridge to a normal diet. Saying that making a smooth transition in this period is of great importance for stomach health, Dyt, one of the experts at Nejla Kazoğlu shares her tips on proper nutrition during the Ramadan Feast.

The gathering of the whole family during the holiday brings with it pleasant family tables. In this case, the amount of food consumed also increases. dit. Kazoğlu says that limiting the amount of food, providing portion control, choosing light foods, consuming vegetables and fruits and drinking plenty of water will help to have a healthier holiday. Stating that the day should start with a light breakfast, Dyt said. Kazoğlu makes the following suggestions: “Rather than hungry for guests; Going on a full stomach by making a main or snack according to the time of day will make you spend the process healthier. For this reason, making your meals regularly and balanced, and increasing your water consumption along with protein and vegetable consumption will help you be more willful. Avoid heavy desserts with dough and syrup during holiday visits. Instead, choose milk desserts, fruit desserts and fruit, and limit sugar and chocolate consumption. Don't be picky about treats and accept treats everywhere. As a beverage, you can choose more nutritious and satisfying water, ayran or mineral water instead of acidic and sugary drinks. Limit your consumption of tea and coffee with high caffeine content and prefer herbal teas instead.

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