Concrete Pouring Started at Unit 4 of Akkuyu NPP

Concrete Pouring Process of Turbine Section Foundation Plate in Akkuyu NPP Unit Has Started
Concrete Pouring Process of Turbine Section Foundation Plate in Unit 4 of Akkuyu NPP Has Started

Concrete pouring of the foundation plate of the turbine section building has started in the 4th unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS). In order to achieve maximum durability, the foundation plate will be reinforced with 17 cubic meters of concrete and 500 tons of rebar, and the height of the plate will be 3 meters.

The foundation plate of the building where the turbine facility will be built consists of 12 sections called “ano”. During the operations, 680 cubic meters of concrete will be poured into the first anode, and then the turbogenerator will be installed from wide pipelines with a diameter of 3 meters, which is a part of the cooling system of the plant.

Before starting the concrete pouring process, work was carried out on the preparation of the pit, which included the creation of the concrete base of the foundation with a concrete volume of 38 thousand cubic meters, the installation of waterproofing and the reinforcement of the foundation slab. A total of 450 workers and experts work in two shifts in the concrete pouring process. The total area of ​​the foundation plate of the turbine section building, which is one of the most important buildings of the 4th unit, is approximately 6 thousand square meters.

Anastasia Zoteeva, General Manager of AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş, said: “The foundation under the turbine plant is a complex structure that can carry and evenly distribute the loads that arise during the operation of the turbine. The foundation will be built in stages. At each stage, stringent requirements regarding the quality of the concrete are fulfilled. Like all the technological solutions used in the Akkuyu NPP site, the concreting of the foundation plate of the turbine building of the 4th unit is carried out in accordance with the safety standards of the IAEA, the legislative provisions of the Republic of Turkey and the modern requirements in the nuclear field.”

After the concrete reaches the durability stipulated in the design, its quality will be checked by a special commission consisting of representatives of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) and independent inspection agency. Then, the construction of the foundation plate of the turbine section building of the 4th unit will be completed.

The building, where foundation works are being carried out, includes systems and equipment for energy production. These equipment include the turbine plant, the deaerator, a device for purifying water from gaseous impurities, the feedwater pump and auxiliary equipment. In the turbine building, the thermal energy of the water vapor is converted into rotational energy and then into electrical energy in the generator.

AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş had obtained the construction license for the 4th unit last October, which allowed the start of all construction and assembly works, including the nuclear safety facilities. Currently, construction and assembly works are carried out simultaneously on 4 power units of Akkuyu NPP. In parallel with the construction of the power units, general purpose buildings and auxiliary facilities required for the operation of the nuclear power plant are also being built.

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