Bursa's Underwater Riches Revealed

Bursa's Underwater Riches Are Revealing
Bursa's Underwater Riches Revealed

The dazzling underwater world of Bursa, which hosts countless streams and waterfalls from Gemlik Bay to Mudanya, from Uluabat Lake to Iznik Lake, from Uludağ glacial lakes, will be on display at Tayyare Cultural Center on Sunday, May 15, 2022, as part of World Climate Day. will be presented.

Continuing its efforts to introduce the unique beauties of Bursa, which contains countless natural riches, to the whole world, the Metropolitan Municipality reveals its underwater riches as well as its above-ground values ​​with a unique work. Under the direction of Underwater Imaging Director and Documentary Producer Tahsin Ceylan, MAC Communication brought to light the richness and biodiversity of the city underwater, with the work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Culture, Tourism and Promotion Association. The filming crew, who dived at many points in Bursa, achieved admirable images underwater. The documentary also reflects the natural, historical and cultural values ​​of Bursa, the city of water, with aerial shots. The 14-minute film, voiced by master film actor and voice actor Mazlum Kiper, was prepared in two languages, Turkish and English. The 'Bursa Underwater Documentary and Bursa Underwater World Photography Exhibition' will be screened at the Tayyare Cultural Center on Sunday, May 2, 15, on Sunday, May 15, 2022, as part of the 18 May World Climate Day. After the screening, the documentary titled 'gotobursa' YouTubeIt will be published on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

On the other hand, the 196-page book called 'Bursa's Underwater World', which constitutes the important pillar of the nature and diving tourism project, will be presented to the readers. Prepared in Turkish, English and Latin, the work draws attention to the existing and protected marine species in the city's Gemlik Bay, which opens to the sea.

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