Havza Mechanic Parking Lot to Be Opened in August

Havza Mechanical Parking Lot Will Be Put into Service in August
Havza Mechanic Parking Lot to Be Opened in August

The construction of the mechanical parking lot, which was built by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in Havza district, continues. 5 percent of the 80-storey investment, where the works have accelerated, has been completed. The car park with a capacity of 340 vehicles will be put into service in August.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality will solve the traffic and parking problem in Havza for many years with the Mechanical Multi-Storey Parking Lot Project. In July of last year, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Samsun Governor Zülkif Dağlı and Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir laid the foundations of the project on an area of ​​5 thousand square meters, and 80 percent of the project has been completed. Reinforced concrete works have been completed in the project, where great progress has been made in a period of 10 months. While the industrial concrete work on the ground floor has reached the level of 50 percent, the curtain insulation and backfill, the ground floor wall and plaster manufacturing, the roof insulation works and the steel assembly installations of the mechanical system continue. In the project, where 50 percent of the rail and fiber assemblies were made, steel column welding productions were started.

With the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality solving the parking problem, the traffic in the district will also be relieved. The people of the district, who closely follow the construction works, are counting the days for the multi-storey mechanical parking lot to be put into service. Citizens who see the investment as a great service in Havza, where the excited wait continues, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality.


Ercan Satmış, who has been operating a tea shop in the district for 6 years, said, “As Havzalı, I see the parking lot as a very valuable investment. I look forward to it being completed and put into service as soon as possible. We have a lot of traffic problems in our district. Arguments and fights take place every day to park their cars, except on Sundays. As a business, we face many challenges. This could get worse. I believe that when it is put into service, the parking problems will be solved 100 percent. May God be pleased with our mayor, Mustafa Demir," he said.


Saying that the project, in which vehicles will be parked untouched by an automatic system, is a beautiful and high-quality investment for the district, Serkan Kayan said, “Havza has one busy street in terms of traffic. As a result, passing vehicles get stuck. The streets are already narrowed by cars parked. I think that with this investment, the parking problem will be solved. We look forward to its completion.”


Providing information about the project work, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir noted that mechanical parking lots will add value to the city. Reminding that they built a similar one in Çarşamba district and Subaşı Square, Mayor Demir said, “We are making great efforts to solve parking and transportation problems in our city. While eliminating the problems one by one, we are making Samsun a digital and technology city. Our mechanical parking lot construction, which has been completed to a large extent in our Havza district, is one of the best examples of this. The 3-storey car park, with 5 floors underground, will operate entirely with a mechanical system. In other words, the system will automatically park the vehicles of the drivers. In this way, vehicle owners will not have to search for a parking space. When he sees his job and wants to buy his vehicle, he will bring the system tool by scanning his card. We are planning to open our project, which will increase the quality of life of the people of Havza, in August.”

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