Theater Festival Ends in Torbalı

Torbalida Theater Festival Ends
Theater Festival Ends in Torbalı

In Torbalı, the center of qualified art, “2. Metropolis Theater Festival ended with enthusiasm yesterday. Thousands of citizens followed the festival, which was organized by Torbalı Municipality and provided unforgettable moments to the residents of the district for 4 days.

In Torbalı, the center of qualified art, “2. Metropolis Theater Festival” ended last night. Thousands of citizens followed the festival, which started on Wednesday, May 25 and ended with the "Aesop" game last night. Torbalı Municipality, which gave unforgettable days to the residents of the district, did not forget the children during the festival. While children's theaters were staged in various places during the day, one-man shows and interviews were held as well as children's and adult plays.


The plays prepared by the best teams of Turkey such as Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality City Theater, Uzbekistan State Children's Theater, Tarsus Municipality City Theater, Uşak Municipality City Theater, Aydın Team Workshop, Kayseri Çelebi Art team, SuiGeneris Theater team, Balıkesir Altıeylül City Stage were staged. The festival started with the play “Kybele” in the Amphitheater of the Ancient City of Metropolis, where plays were staged thousands of years ago by the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre. During the Metropolis Theater Festival, the plays “Ancient Love”, “Boz Masharaboz”, “The King of the Forest and the Cicada”, “Medusa Musical”, “A State of Conversation”, “Tangled” and “Aesop” met with theater lovers. In addition to theater plays, one-man shows and workshops were organized, while master names Salih Kalyon and Zihni Göktay made an interview.


Torbalı Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Director Serkan Tekin said in a statement after the end of the Metropolis Theater Festival, “I would like to thank the theater workers who were with us for four days at our 2nd Theater Festival in Torbalı for the plays they performed. They gave unforgettable moments to the people of Torbalı and us for four days with beautiful plays. This year, the State Theater of Uzbekistan added color to our festival. We are planning to organize our 3rd Theater Festival internationally next year. We are very excited for this,” he said. Also conveying the greetings of Torbalı Mayor Mithat Tekin, Tekin said, “Our Mayor could not reach our closing game due to the meeting of the mayors of the Republican People's Party in Van. Many greetings to you. He is very happy about the interest you have shown.”

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