Audi Models Turn into Concert Halls with Apple Music

Audi Models Turn into Concert Hall with Apple Music
Audi Models Turn into Concert Halls with Apple Music

Audi integrates Apple Music, which is a subscription service for listening to music, into certain models. Thus, it is possible to access Apple Music subscriptions directly and intuitively from the Multi-Media Interface (MMI) screen using in-vehicle internet data.

Audi customers will soon be able to access their personal Apple Music accounts directly from the Audi infotainment system, without the need for Bluetooth or USB. Users who connect an active Apple Music subscription to their tool will be able to access the app's more than 90 million songs, playlists and personalized mixes from their tool.

In the work, which was realized in cooperation between Audi and Apple, the Apple Music application is integrated into the audio infotainment system. Continuing to digitize its models systematically, Audi ensures that the interior gradually turns into a third living space.

Applicable to vehicles already on the road

While the Apple Music integration will be used in future models, it is planned to be offered to existing Audi vehicles on the road thanks to an automatic wireless update.

Customers who open the Apple Music app in Audi's infotainment system will be able to log in with their Apple ID and activate Apple Music for their vehicle by following the on-screen instructions. After the installation process, it will be enough for them to enter the verification code sent to their phone.

Audi models turn into a concert hall on wheels with Apple Music

Thanks to Apple Music integration, Audi models become a concert hall on wheels through sophisticated sound architecture. As it is known, Audi offers an acoustic experience specially designed for each model. Working with Bang & Olufsen for many years, Audi creates a high-level acoustic experience at the point it has reached in sound design.

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