ASELSAN Develops Multiple Ammunition Areas for Warplanes

ASELSAN Develops Multiple Ammunition Armaments for War Aircraft
ASELSAN Develops Multiple Ammunition Areas for Warplanes

According to the information in ASELSAN's 2021 Annual Report, ASELSAN is developing multiple ammunition for general purpose bombs. It will be possible to carry 2 Mk-82 and Mk-83 type ammunitions in a single saloon with the ammunition saloon. The raft to be developed will also allow the use of Miniature Bomb and similar ammunition.

It can be evaluated that the multi-aircraft to be developed will be the equivalent of the BRU-3 multi-carriage space developed by L57Harris. Likewise, the BRU-2, which allows 57 ammunition to be carried from a single station; It can use 500 to 1000 lb class general purpose bombs and AGM-154 JSOW ammunition. In the BRU-57A configuration, two different ammunition can be carried simultaneously on the saloon.

BRU-57 multiple emitter

ASELSAN explained in its 2021 annual report as follows: “Within the scope of the Multi-Purpose Pylon Development Contract signed with the MSB, multiple launchers that can carry two guided ammunition (LGK-82, HGK-82, KGK-82/83, TEBER-82) at one station of the aircraft will be developed and certification tests will be completed. Within the scope of the Miniature Bomb Supply Contract signed with the SSB, the Miniature Bomb and Multiple Transport Area, whose certification tests were completed in 2020, will be mass produced and delivered to the Air Force Command. Within the scope of the same project, a particle warhead will also be developed.”

Multiple Transport Areas are critical units that enable the integration of guided munitions to warplanes and their launch from these planes. Developed for the Miniature Bomb, the Multi Transport Saloon will be attached to two stations of the F-4 aircraft, which can carry 16 Miniature Bombs (MB), and will provide the opportunity to engage 8 different targets in a sortie.

Source: defenceturk

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