ASELSAN's Intelligent Traffic System is Implemented in Samsun

ASELSAN's Intelligent Traffic System is Implemented in Samsun
ASELSAN's Intelligent Traffic System is Implemented in Samsun

The Smart City Traffic Safety Project, which will be implemented by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with ASELSAN, continues at full speed. Stating that the project, which will reduce traffic and transportation problems, increase energy efficiency, be environmentally friendly and increase the quality of life, will be completed before TEKNOFEST, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir said, "After this project is put into operation, traffic and transportation problems will be solved with traffic applications and information technologies."

Work continues on the 'Smart City Traffic Safety Project', for which Samsun Metropolitan Municipality received a municipal award. The studies carried out at the intersections within the scope of Smart City Traffic Safety, which will produce solutions to future problems and needs by using limited resources effectively through new technologies and innovative approaches, respect the environment and natural resources, add value to human life and improve the quality of life. kazanwas. The Metropolitan Municipality, which makes arrangements at all intersections, will manage them with artificial intelligence. The project, which will increase the quality of life of drivers and pedestrians with environmentally compatible, physical and digital systems, will also reduce vehicle density by shortening the waiting time in traffic.

Emphasizing the importance of the project that will also save fuel for the drivers, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “After the arrangement works are completed, the lines will be drawn and the traffic signs will be placed. Signaling will also become intelligent and adaptive intersections. Therefore, after placing the lane lines and traffic signs, when the system is activated in August, the traffic will be relieved to a great extent and there will be no problems.


Stating that with the increase in population, various problems in areas such as planning, management, security, transportation and regulation have also increased, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “As a result, the need for cities to plan for the future and produce smart solutions has emerged. Therefore, the necessity of increasing the quality of life of people arose. As Samsun, we did not remain indifferent to the concept of smart city that emerged as a result of all these developments.”


Underlining the necessity of smart urban planning, which covers all areas from transportation systems to street lamps and municipal services, Mayor Demir said, “Researches and reports on this issue show us the following. In the coming years, a large part of the world's population will live in urban areas. This shows that cities will face more global, social and economic challenges. He said:


“Information such as speed and location collected from sensors placed at certain points in the city will offer an alternative solution in cases of traffic jams. In this direction, the signaling times can be changed according to the traffic situation. When obstacles that will affect the traffic flow such as accidents occur, quick and effective interventions will be made. It will be ensured that the units that need to intervene on the scene such as the fire brigade, police and ambulance will move quickly in the traffic. The status of public transport systems will be monitored online. In this context, the most appropriate arrangements can be made for the public. With the project, the waiting time in traffic will be shortened and fuel savings will be provided in motor vehicles. Thanks to the system, which will provide services such as event detection, air-road condition measurement, traffic data measurement, intersection attendance control, passenger information-direction, the cameras placed on the intersection arms will be counted instantly and the green light times at the intersection will be automatically adjusted within the determined limits in line with these counts. ”

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