8 Awards for İzmir City Theaters!

Award to Izmir City Theaters
8 Awards for İzmir City Theaters!

📩 28/05/2022 12:51

In the "Anatolia" leg of the 9th International New Theater Magazine Labor and Achievement Awards, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters were awarded in 8 different categories!

By closing the 2021-2022 theater season, the jury of the New Theater Magazine, which announced the first part of the International Labor and Achievement Awards regarding the productions and performances in Istanbul, announced the winners of the "Anatolian" stage of the awards. Accordingly, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters (İzBBŞT) was awarded in 8 different categories.

İzmir City Theaters Founding General Art Director Yücel Erten was deemed worthy of the "Lifetime Achievement" award by the jury, which also closely monitors important worldwide theatrical events, while İzBBŞT Stage Director Ufuk Aşar was awarded the "Director of the Year" for his play "Mor Shalvar". . In addition, Halil Ünsal was selected as the "Dramaturgu of the Year" with his play "Tavşan Tavşanoğlu".

“Our responsibility has increased”

The Founding General Art Director Yücel Erten stated that İzBBŞT decorated its first season with awards and stated that these awards increased the responsibilities of İzmir City Theaters and fueled its excitement. Yücel Erten spoke as follows: “When you look at the Anatolian awards of Yeni Tiyatro Magazine, you can see a considerable intensity of evaluation. 'Lifetime Achievement and Effort Award', 'Theatre Team of the Year', 'Best Children's Play', 'Director of the Year', 'Dramaturgue of the Year', 'Best Set', 'Best Costume', 'Best Actress', It is pleasing that the 'Comedy' awards met in İzmir's Tazecik City Theatre. Our efforts to become a principled, lively and effective paid theater are certainly encouraging. But it also increases our responsibility and our enthusiasm to create. It is our duty to contribute to the artistic life of our country.”

Award ceremony in June

on June 13 Kadıköy In the competition, where statuettes will be given to the winners at the ceremony to be held at Caddebostan Cultural Center, the other branches in which İzmir City Theaters will receive awards are as follows;

Theater Team of the Year: Azizname

Best Actress, Comedy: Şirin Saraçoğlu, Elçin Erdem, Nazlı Benan Özkaya, Ceren Demirel, Pınar Güntürkün, Dine Altıok, “Purple Shalwar”

Best Costume: Deniz Çağrı Bilgili, “Robinson Learns Dance”
Best Decor: Anıl Ateş Işık, “Robinson Learns to Dance”
Best Kids Game: Robinson Learns to Dance

İzBBŞT, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIt was founded with the vision of transforming İzmir into a city of culture and arts, and opened its curtains on October 1, 2021.

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