46 Million Lira Support for 4 Documentary Film Projects from the Ministry

Million Lira Support for the Documentary Film Project from the Ministry
46 Million Lira Support for 4 Documentary Film Projects from the Ministry

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism provided approximately 46 million liras to the cinema industry for 4 documentary film projects. In the third support committee of this year, 218 projects in the genre of documentary film production were evaluated by the support committee of 8 people, consisting of representatives of the cinema sector, and it was decided to support 46 projects.

In the board, where the doyens of the documentary world as well as young documentary filmmakers were supported, a support of 3 million 957 thousand TL was provided to the industry.

With this support, the total amount of support transferred to the sector by the Ministry in 2022 exceeded 32 million liras.

In the first support committee of this year by the Ministry, 65 million 1 thousand liras for 814 projects in the genres of scenarios, short films and animated films; In the second support committee, 23 million 26 thousand TL was given to 450 projects in the genres of first feature fiction film production, feature film production, post-production and co-production.

Feature Film Applications Will End on June 27

Applications such as "First Feature Film Editing", "Feature Film Production", "Co-Production", "Post Shooting and Distribution Promotion" will be accepted until 27 June.

The evaluation of the applications will be made in September at the last Cinema Support Board of the year.

For the list of supported documentary film projects Click here.

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