4 More Public Beaches Won Blue Flag In Izmir This Year

Izmir Won More Blue Flags with Public Beach
İzmir Wins More Blue Flags With 4 Public Beaches

İzmir won more blue flags with its 4 public beaches. Blue bayraklı The number of beaches increased to 66, including private facilities. President Soyer said, “We are happy to raise the blue flags one by one. We are ready for tourists from all over the world with our safe and clean beaches.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which established Turkey's first Blue Flag Coordination Unit, has brought a new blue flag to the city within the scope of the works it has been carrying out since November 2019. bayraklı public beaches. 4 more public beaches in İzmir won the Blue Flag this year. blue which is 2019 in 19 bayraklı Thus, the number of public beaches increased to 36. Blue in the city, including special facilities bayraklı The number of beaches was 66.

This year, Karaburun Mordoğan Mahallesi Ardıç Beach, Dikili Beach Sports and Aliağa Police Beach were among the public beaches that received the Blue Flag for the first time.

Losing the blue flag award in 2018, Akarca Beach in Seferihisar was again entitled to receive the Blue Flag award. The water quality of the beach was regularly monitored by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Blue Flag Unit. After all the water samples taken periodically by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Izmir Provincial Health Directorate were found to be suitable, the beach was awarded the blue flag by TÜRÇEV.

Treatment investment brought a blue flag

In the evaluation made by TÜRÇEV, the purification investment of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality came to the fore in awarding the blue flag to Karaburun Ardıç Beach. The establishment of the advanced biological wastewater treatment plant, which was completed by the General Directorate of İZSU with an investment of 60 million lira and will be put into service shortly, and the water quality on the beach brought Ardıç Beach a blue flag award.

Izmir Marina retained its award

Izmir Marina, which is the only marina in Izmir Bay, which was renovated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2020 and made available to the public, retained the blue flag award it received last year this year as well. The Blue Flag will continue to fluctuate at Güzelbahçe Municipality 2nd Harbor Public Beach, which is the closest point to İzmir Bay.

Chairman Soyer: “Now is the time for Izmir”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor stated that they are working to make İzmir a world-class tourism attraction center and that they have started to get successful results. Tunç Soyerstated that the Blue Flag program, implemented in 50 countries of the world, is a very important international environmental award given to beaches and marinas in the tourism sector. Soyer continued: “The blue flag confirms the cleanliness of sea water, the importance given to environmental management, the hygiene and reliability of beaches or marinas internationally. The blue flag application is a very important tourism communication feature for domestic and foreign tourists. It has once again proven that Izmir is a safe and clean city for tourists from all over the world. 66 Blue for swimming, sunbathing and having a pleasant holiday Bayraklı We say 'now is İzmir time' with our beach and orange circle businesses. We are doing everything we can to give this confidence. ”

Chairman Soyer: “We are proud”

blue in Izmir bayraklı Stating that they are proud of the increase in the number of public beaches each year, Soyer said, “Thanks to our infrastructure investments, Mavi Bayraklı Our number of beaches is increasing. Our Mordoğan Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant also contributed to the blue flag of Karaburun Ardıç Public Beach. The Blue Flag Unit has become a structure that strengthens and accelerates İzmir's blue flag dynamics and accelerated the process.”

Karataş: “Power to tourism”

Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV) Northern Aegean Provinces Regional Coordinator Doğan Karataş stated that İzmir maintained the number of flags with 2022 beaches in the summer season of 66 and said, “İzmir continued to be the third in Turkey after Antalya and Muğla. The tourism sector, which has been seriously shaken due to the pandemic, can hold on thanks to important eco tags such as the blue flag. We value it. The most well-known eco label in the world today is the blue flag. Blue bayraklı İzmir will continue to be the apple of the eye in the tourism sector with our beaches.

Example for Turkey

Emphasizing that the blue flag award is not just an environmental award given to beaches, Karataş said, “The blue flag is also given to marinas and tourism boats. Last year, we hung the Blue Flag with our Tunç President at İzmir Marina, the only marina in İzmir Bay. İzmir Marina received the blue flag this year and has entered its second year by increasing its quality.” Karataş, drawing attention to the importance of the trainings given by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to employ lifeguards on the beaches, said: “This is a rare study in Turkey. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality opens a public employment area. This is both a blue flag and a very valuable asset for our youth in the current situation in the country. Similar studies in other municipalities take the form of support. However, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gives free courses to 50 lifeguard candidates every year.”

Leader in İzmir refining

Izmir has 66 blue beaches, including private resort beaches. bayraklı With its beach, it ranks third in Turkey after Antalya and Muğla. Within the scope of the blue flag program implemented in 50 countries around the world, Turkey ranks third after Spain and Greece with the number of awarded beaches. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's purification campaign bayraklı It is very effective in increasing the number of beaches. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which ranks first in Turkey with the number of treatments in European Union standards and the amount of wastewater treatment per capita, serves with 24 wastewater treatment plants, 1 of which carry out advanced biological treatment and whose total daily treatment capacity is approaching 69 million cubic meters. İZSU continues its investments in new treatment, waste water and sewerage networks according to the changing needs of the regions.

What was done?

The Blue Flag Coordination Unit organized courses to increase the number of lifeguards that are insufficient for safe beaches. 2020 young people in 49 and 2021 young people in 50 were awarded the TSSF-approved Silver Lifeguard Badge. After the courses opened in Foça, Güzelbahçe and Seferihisar in 2022, 50 more young people will be given silver lifeguard badges. It was ensured that the beaches were able to apply in a healthy way by identifying the deficiencies required for both sample and application. Studies were carried out for barrier-free beaches. Environmental education and awareness raising activities were carried out throughout the year with the aim of creating sustainable beaches.

“The color of beaches: Blue” in Izmir

The blue flag Coordination Unit, which serves under the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Climate Change and Environmental Protection Control Department, is the blue flag in 10 districts with the slogan "The color of the beaches: BLUE!" this summer season. bayraklı will organize environmental education and awareness activities on the beaches.

What is a blue flag?

It is an international environmental award given to blue flag beaches, marinas and yachts. There are 33 blue flag criteria for beaches, 38 for marinas and 17 for yachts. These criteria are gathered under the titles of swimming water quality at the beach, environmental education and information, environmental management, life safety and services. It is also among the mandatory criteria that all of the sanitary facilities on the beaches be connected to the package treatment plant or the municipal treatment plant. In accordance with the Bathing Water Quality Regulation for blue flag candidate beaches, sea water samples are taken every 15 days during the summer season and microbiological analyzes are made. The results of the analyzes made by the Provincial Health Directorate are regularly shared at yuzme.saglik.gov.tr.

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