What is a Machinist, What Does He Do, How To Become? Driver Salaries 2022

What Is A Machinist What Does It Do How To Become
What is a Machinist, What Does He Do, How to Become a Machinist Salary 2022

Machinist usually ensures the safe transportation of passenger and freight trains. The person who drives the freight or passenger train is also called a machinist. The duty of the machinists is to use the train safely.

Machinists should also be able to solve malfunctions and problems that occur during travel. The Machinist controls the process from the moment a train starts its journey to the moment it finishes the journey. All kinds of problems and complaints that occur within this scope are also taken under control by the Machinists.

What Does a Machinist Do, What Are His Duties?

Drivers who ensure safe use of trains provide safe transportation. Machinists ensure the safety of the journey and passengers throughout the train journey.

Trains using trains carrying freight from city to city deliver those loads safely. At the same time, the machinists using passenger trains stop at the stops where the passengers will get off during the journey, ensuring that the passengers get off safely. Machinists can easily solve malfunctions and problems that occur in trains during the journey.

  • To make the necessary repairs in case of a malfunction during the trip, to evacuate the cargo or passenger if it cannot be repaired,
  • To report the disruptions that occur during the voyage,
  • To provide heating of the train in the seasons when cold weather conditions prevail,
  • Making sure that the train security systems are in working order,
  • Ensuring proper care and use of hand tools,
  • Ensuring that all equipment quality complies with specifications for current and subsequent journeys,
  • To comply with safety procedures by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment such as hearing and eye protection,
  • Paying attention to energy saving.

How to Become a Machinist?

In order to become a machinist, it is necessary to graduate from one of the universities' Electronic Technology, Machinery, Rail Systems Machinist, Rail Systems Electrical Electronic Technology, Rail Systems Machinery Technology, Automotive Technology departments. People who want to work in the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) are required to attend in-service training programs. Those who want to participate in the said training are expected to fulfill the following requirements;

  • Not to be over 35 years old,
  • To graduate from the relevant associate degree departments,
  • To get a score of 93 and above in the Public Personnel Selection Examination P60 (Associate Degree),
  • To have a healthy sight and hearing,
  • No military obligation for male candidates; having completed, postponed or exempted from military service.

People who want to be a machinist must have certain qualifications;

  • Not to have an eye defect that prevents to distinguish colors,
  • Not having any hearing problems,
  • To have technical knowledge to use electrical tools, equipment and measuring instruments,
  • Demonstrate physical ability to stand or walk continuously,
  • Ability to make quick and effective decisions

Machinist Salaries 2022

In 2022, the average salary of machinists is around 6 thousand TL. While the lowest mechanic salary amount is 5 thousand 500 TL, the highest mechanic salary is 8 thousand 500 TL. This amount varies depending on the mechanic's work experience, institution and place. However, there are different payment amounts to work in the private sector or public institution. The job obligations of the mechanic also vary with regard to machinist salaries.

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  1. The duty of a machinist is a serious, difficult, important, special and risky job that requires sacrifice. These are the personnel who love the job of the institution and are very happy at the end of each successful service. It is the most difficult officer in the institution, requiring a lot of attention and experience. Among the active personnel, the machinists and the wagon technicians are the most diligent and successful personnel.