What is a masseuse, what does it do, how to be? Masseuse Salaries 2022

What Is Masoz What Does It Do How To Become Masoz Salaries
What is a masseuse, what does it do, how to be a masseuse Salary 2022

A masseuse is the name given to qualified female employees who are specialized in this field and perform massage under the necessary hygiene and health conditions.

What Does a Masseuse Do, What Are Their Duties?

The duties of the employees in this occupational group, where professionalism is very important;

  • Making the area suitable for massage in terms of hygienic conditions,
  • Performing massage application on the day and time determined depending on the place of work,
  • Being able to use the tools and equipment to be used in the massage professionally,
  • To act in accordance with the necessary cleaning rules,
  • Ensuring the supply of the missing material for the massage, if any.

How to Become a Masseuse

With the latest legal changes, the Ministry of Health also approves these certificates. In order to have a masseuse certificate, it is absolutely necessary to attend masseuse courses. In addition, it is necessary to successfully complete the course and get the desired score from the exam. In order to become a masseuse, people must attend courses approved by the Ministry of National Education. The total course duration is 312 hours according to the new legal regulation. You must be 17 years old to attend these courses. Within the scope of these certificate programs;

  • Aroma Therapy Massage training
  • Customer Welcome and Farewell
  • Recognition of Cosmetics training
  • Classical Massage Techniques
  • Decollete and Facial Massage training
  • Contact with Customer
  • Occupational health and Safety
  • Structure and Functions of Skeleton and Muscles
  • Structure and Functions of Body Systems
  • Personal Hygiene training
  • Salon Preparation and Hygiene training
  • Trainings such as Basic Body Massage are provided.

Masseuse Salaries 2022

The lowest Masseuse salary received in 2022 is 5.300 TL, the average Masseuse salary is 8.000 TL, and the highest Masseuse salary is 14.500 TL.

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