An Intercontinental Call From Marble İzmir 'Use Natural Stone'

Use an Intercontinental Calling Natural Stone from Marble Izmir
An Intercontinental Call From Marble İzmir 'Use Natural Stone'

As part of Marble İzmir, on Thursday, March 31, 2022, on the second day of the fair, interviews were held with the participation of international natural stone experts about the position of natural stone in the world. Marble interviews, which were held in two different sessions on "Man-made Materials Against Natural Stone: External Applications" and "Different Uses of Marble in Design and Architecture", took place at the Fuarizmir B seminar hall.

In the conversations where experts in the field are speakers; There were participants from America, Iran, Qatar and Poland.

In the session titled “Man-Made Materials Against Natural Stone: External Applications” Stone Expert Daniel Wood from the Natural Stone Institute (USA) produced ceramics etc. He emphasized the importance of using natural stones against artificial stones.

The session "Different Uses of Marble in Design and Architecture" was moderated by İlker Kahraman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Architects İzmir Branch. The session was attended by Prof. from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Michal Stefanowski, Stone Expert Daniel Wood from Natural Stone Institute, Member of Qatar Architects Center Feryel Chebeane, Architect Soheil Motevaselani Pour. World natural stone experts made important statements on the importance of the use of natural stone and different areas of use within the scope of the 27th Marble İzmir.

Natural stone is a “living and timeless entity”

Daniel Wood, a stone expert in the Natural Stone Institute training committee and a speaker at the fair in previous years, said, “I take part in the sustainability of natural stone in the session on "Natural Stone and Man-Made Materials". We know that natural stone is an important material, both its durability and timeless aesthetics make it important in our lives. When we look at natural stones physically, they emerge as a result of precipitation and subsequent volcanic eruptions, and they contain many minerals, colors, textures and energies. Although man-made materials are not as aesthetically pleasing as natural stone, they have a shorter lifespan and higher cost, and they look more fake. When we look at natural stone in terms of its flexibility and performance, we see that it can be repaired, cleaned and transformed during the restoration process. Being versatile and versatile in terms of design flexibility, durability and variety, natural stone can survive for hundreds and thousands of years. Lucky for you, many historical artifacts and monuments made with natural stones still stand with their unique aesthetics. Therefore, he is a timeless and living being.”

Natural materials should be used in architecture and design.

The second session on "Different Uses of Marble in Design and Architecture" was moderated by İlker Kahraman, Chairman of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Architects. The first speaker of the session was stone expert Daniel Wood from the Natural Stone Institute. Wood made a visual presentation about the world's important monuments, historical artifacts, sculptures, artifacts and structures belonging to today's modern architecture, built of natural stone. Emphasizing the importance of sustainability and the protection of nature, Daniel Wood said, "Natural materials should be used in architecture and design."

Nature is our teacher

One of the other international experts attending the session was Iranian Architect Soheil Motevaselani Pour. Stating that he used natural stone in the projects he designed, that he was inspired by nature in his designs, he used the colors of nature and shapes, Pour said, "Nature is the teacher of all of us, today we have to stick to the old approaches in our designs and continue on our way by adding the new to it."

Marble is a symbol of exclusivity in design

Feryel Chebeane, Member of Qatar Architects Center, who works as an architect in North African countries and Qatar, was one of the other experts of the session.

Feryel Chebeane, who is an expert in architectural engineering design and technical specifications, first thanked for the invitation. “Sustainability in architecture depends entirely on the materials and materials we use. When we look at marble, which is the main material of this fair, we all enjoy dealing with it and doing business with marble.”

When marble is well designed, it can stay in our lives for years.

The last speaker of the session, Prof. from Warsaw Fine Arts Faculty. It was Michal Stefanowski. Stefanowski also took place as a jury member of the 27th Different Natural Stone Design Competition held within the scope of the 4th Marble İzmir Fair. Industrial Designer Stefanowski, who writes articles with active design practices on packaging and visual communication studies, organizes competitions, and has national design awards, said, “When marble is used with other materials and materials, sustainable and very effective designs emerge. This competition showed me that. I saw new, young Turkish designers here, and I was very impressed with them.”

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