Underfloor Heating or Honeycomb?

Underfloor Heating or Honeycomb
Underfloor Heating or Honeycomb

In recent years, in terms of heating system preferences, with the use of natural gas fuel as a standard in homes, underfloor heating systems and honeycomb heating systems are often compared. In fact, these heating systems are used not only by homeowners but also by business owners, among the main comparison factors are points such as savings, comfort and quality.

As a home or business owner, you will need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both systems in order to find the answer to the question of underfloor heating or honeycomb. For this reason, we have provided a detailed review to answer the questions you seek in this content we have prepared for you.

What is Honeycomb Heating System?

Honeycomb heating system; Based on the natural gas fuel system, it is the system in which the combi boiler delivers the water heated by the use of natural gas fuel to the honeycombs via the circulation line. In this system, the hot water reaching the honeycombs connected at points such as every room, kitchen, bathroom and entrance hall of the house reflects the heat from the honeycomb to the outside.

What are the Advantages of Honeycomb Heating System?

Of course, there can be certain advantages in terms of heating in the honeycomb system, which has a very old place and has been used in Turkey for many years. For example, in this system, the user can determine the temperature setting of the water, that is, the setting of the heat that will come to the environment. Heating cores can be found in every part of the building such as rooms, offices, entrances, corridors and bathrooms.

With the heat setting on the combi in the honeycomb system, this heat setting is reflected in every room. Temperature adjustments can be made with the honeycomb closing system in unwanted woods or with thermostatic valves used on the honeycomb. In the honeycomb heating system, the installation can be cleaned easily by external intervention and the leakage problems can be seen directly.

What are the Disadvantages of the Honeycomb System?

In the use of honeycomb heating systems, especially the disadvantages have a more conspicuous place. Because in the buildings where this system is used, whether it is a living or working area, there are problems for decoration because honeycombs occupy an important place in the area. Even if the decoration is done as desired, a bad image may appear due to the honeycombs.

In honeycomb heating systems, the water circulating in the honeycomb and the installation for a long time starts to turn into mud after a while as a result of the heating and cooling processes. This slurred water causes clogging in the core and installation after a while and may cause a decrease in the operating efficiency of the heating system. For this reason, in order to always get the same efficiency in honeycomb heating systems, it is necessary to have the entire installation cleaned every 1-2 years.

What is Underfloor Heating System?

Underfloor heating system is a service that has been applied in big cities such as Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara for many years and is provided through important brands with a structure that gradually spreads to Anatolia. In this service, especially when laying floor heating systems with products offered by both domestic and foreign brands, high comfort and quality features are always considered for the installation.

The underfloor heating system creates a special heating mechanism and is based on the combi boiler, which uses natural gas fuel in terms of source. The hot water, which is heated by the boiler, reaches the fixed value adjustment set, which is the entry point of the underfloor heating system, and from there to the collector. It directs this hot water to the ground water pipe installation in the building at the desired pressure and temperature with the flow rate adjustable connection points on the collector.

underfloor heating system; Within this working logic, it is the mechanism that creates floor-to-floor heating by circulating the hot water it receives from the hot water source within the pipe installations laid on the floor. This mechanism works with the logic that the water circulates with a circulation and returns to the system after it cools down and constantly revises the hot water.

What are the Advantages of Underfloor Heating System?

The underfloor heating system, which provides the opportunity to be used in homes, workplaces and even at very large points such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, stadiums and highways, offers many important advantages. Basically, when considered in terms of home life, the floor heating system has very important advantages, especially for families with children.

The house should have good heating in the winter season, especially when children are in the age of constant play and movement at a young age. Although there are parquet flooring, carpets in every room and good insulation in the houses, it is much more important to apply the heating correctly from the right point. At this point, underfloor heating systems help children to become protected in terms of warming, especially in houses where children are very active, as the heat reaches upwards from the floor.

Thanks to the heat rising from the floor in the underfloor heating system, the heat is distributed more homogeneously throughout the house. While there is a warm floor at every point you step on in the house, the floor will be warm in areas such as the hallway or the kitchen, and a much more comfortable structure will be obtained in the winter season.

In terms of fuel savings, which is one of the most important comparison factors in heating systems, floor heating systems can provide approximately 10% natural gas savings, depending on the square meter. However, in order to achieve lower savings, intelligent control automation in underfloor heating systems can provide more economical results by enabling each room or section to operate at different temperatures.

When considered from a decorative point of view, floor heating systems create a visible installation and heating equipment visual pollution according to the structure encountered in honeycomb systems. For example, since you do not have to encounter heater cores in your living room, you can provide decoration in a much more comfortable way. Since there is underfloor heating, you can decorate your home without using too much carpet.

When the underfloor heating system is used, the problems of soot on the honeycombs and pollution on the walls will be eliminated. In other words, while the stains and unwanted images seen on the walls will disappear, especially in the buildings that are used, the needs such as paint will gradually decrease with a cleaner structure.

As one of the most important advantages, there is no need for plumbing cleaning that needs to be repeated every few years, as is the case with honeycomb heaters in underfloor heating systems. Because pex-a pipes are used in underfloor heating systems, these pipes do not cause problems such as mold, algae and sludge with their special oxygen barrier structures.

What are the Disadvantages of Underfloor Heating System?

Of course, there will be a case of mentioning certain disadvantages of the underfloor heating system that are in the languages ​​today. At some points, it can be stated that this system heats up late and the warm-up time takes hours. However, since this system uses the hot water source from the combi, as in the honeycomb system, the desired average temperature values ​​can be easily obtained after heating is provided with the desired temperature adjustment.

As it is known, honeycomb heating systems need to work 24 hours a day in very cold cities. On the other hand, underfloor heating systems may need to work 24 hours a day. In this case, it will not be possible to talk about a negative situation such as that underfloor heating systems should never be closed, which is stated at some points.

Underfloor Heating Honeycomb Comparison

As can be seen, considering the definition, advantages and disadvantages of the system, although the floor heating and honeycomb system have similar heating structures, they differ significantly from each other, especially in terms of decoration, cleanliness and savings. Today, underfloor heating systems are always seen as useful and advantageous with their aesthetic structures, easier control thanks to smart automation and providing a longer-lasting structure.

Today, floor heating systems create a very advantageous structure, especially when there is external insulation in apartments and when good insulation is carried out in detached apartments. It uses less energy, creates healthy heating,

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